Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 2 at Hatyai,Thailand

Saturday, March 6, 2010
Ok, so here is my 2nd post about my 2nd day at Hatyai...efficient huh?..haha..XD
Well, it all started with breakfast. We got free buffet breakfast at our hotel for two consecutive days so that's where we had our breakfast :) There wasn't a lot of variety. Just a few normal ones buffet breakfast would have. That's my plate of breakfast above. I actually had almost the same thing for the 3rd day too!
After breakfast, we went to the market by tut-tut. The weather was freaking hot!! Even with my hair tied up & wearing my sunglasses & shorts, I still sweat a lot!! -_-
There was tons & tons of things at the market. Clothes, shoes, bags, purses, toys, food & the list goes on & on. Everything we bought we had to bargain. Some shopkeepers were really good & friendly but some were rather unfriendly. Anyway, I managed to buy a long purse there. It's black with a cow head in front & a tail behind it for only RM20. Soooooo cute lor..hehe
After coming back from the market, we went back to our hotel room to take a bath & then we were out again. Went to a small stall for lunch. We had erm..I think it's called beef ball noodles..haha..You can substitute the beef balls with pork balls if you don't eat beef..It was ok..Not really that special..After lunch, we went up our bus. There, the one talking with the mic is our tourist guide. I forgot his name but he knows how to speak in Mandarin, English & Hokkien which makes everything so much easier ^^. The shops, signboards were all in thai words. Of cause, I don't understand any of it..haha..I just found it interesting cause everything is so different..lolx..
Our first stop, Songkhla Aquarium. The kids went to the aquarium while we just walked around the place enjoying the view & taking photos :D
Since we had to wait for the kids, my sis & I went for a fish massage. It was so ticklish letting the fish eat your skin..well, dead cells of the skin. It costs us RM15 per person for 20 minutes. I can actually see the effect after the massage lor. My leg had two tone of colour after it! The part eaten by the fish is surprisingly fairer!!! lololol..XD..and of cause, since it was so boring so camwhore a bit lor..haha..=P
Then we stopped by the "dragon's head" to take a group picture. Saw a heart shape flower decor there. I think it was for Valentine's Day..haha..Everyone didn't miss the chance to take photos with it!!! It was beautiful :)
After that, we were off to the beach. Again, took some photos there. With the mermaid statue, with the beautiful beach scenery. Had some ice-cream & bought some souvenirs. It was so windy, my hair kept flying but it was awesome ^_^
Last stop, the floating market. Everything was in a "sampan" ( small boat). It's kinda unique cause it's not available anywhere except Thailand. The view was fabulous. There was so many different kinds of food to eat. Some I don't even know what it is..lolx..Anyway, some of them was really delicious :)
Nothing to do so took some photos inside the bus...hehe..
The day ends with us stopping by an authentic Thai restaurant for dinner. This time it was purely thai food. The food was tasty. I enjoyed it ^^
After dinner, went back to our hotel to rest. Did a little shopping at night & that's the end of my 2nd day :)
3rd day, nothing special happen. After breakfast, we head back straight to Malaysia. Another 7-8 hours!! o.O Anyway, I managed to sleep during most of the journey this time. I guess I am too tired after having fun for a few days..lox..Stopped by Sungai Petani for lunch then Ipoh to buy some things & then I came back straight to my hostel since the next day is Monday & I am having class..>.<
I had fun the whole trip..I really enjoyed myself there until I don't feel like coming back yet..Time passes so fast there...I kinda hope it lasts longer though..haha..Looking forward to more trips like this in the future with all the same people!! :))))))

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