Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I want to fly away...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Today has been a stressful & rough day for me due to some personal problems. Honestly, I am so tired of it I don't feel like facing it anymore. Can i just have my wings and fly away? Can i just disappear into another world? I wish I could but I know that is just me trying to runaway from the problem. Eventually, I will have to face it no matter how much it hurts. I just need to be strong to overcome it :D
Things change...People change...Life change....Many things are not the way they used to be anymore as you grow..Sometimes, you just have to face the cruel reality even though it hurts...You just need to learn to adapt and live with with it the best way we can..I'm learning to do that..I still make mistakes sometimes but I am learning from it..As the saying goes, mistakes makes you grow stronger..I know it's not easy but i guess i will be okay for i believe God will be there to help me along the way =)

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. I pretty much feel like you... I guess everything will fall in place.. besides what else can be done...cant really get the wings right?

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