Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a great day :D

Monday, March 8, 2010
Today was a great day. Anatomy class in the morning was cancelled so some of my coursemates and I decided to go to Times Square for the karaoke. It was already almost 1pm when we reached there and we took the k-lunch session. Unfortunately, because we were late, we ended up singing for only 2 hours :( Anyway, it comes with lunch, a drink & salad buffet. I ordered turkey ham & cheese sandwich with chips & a glass of milk tea. The milk tea was quite nice. I kinda like it :) Oh ya, by the way, I love the potato salad too..Yums!! :D
Finished singing around 3pm then went to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks shop to buy the XXL crsipy chicken for dinner. It was so huge so my friend & I shared a piece. I was looking for nail polish remover & we saw Etude House nearby so we went inside. Managed to find the nail polish remover I wanted but ended up buying a nail polish extra..lolx..The shop was so girlish & pinkish..loves =)
Rushed back to my hostel for my psycho class right after that. Reached my hostel around 4.30pm, took my bath then received a sms from my class rep saying that the class was cancelled..-_-..If we had known earlier, we would have stayed back for a movie first before heading back..>.<
Anyway, I had fun & really enjoy myself today. It feels great to be spending some time with my coursemates. It takes my stress off a little..Happy =) Wokay, I got to go back to my studies now. 3 assignments to go & revision for finals is waiting for me...>.<..Maybe if I am free later, I will watch an episode of private practice..lolx..Till then, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ^^

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