Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A quick update..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
I'm supposed to be studying for my anatomy quiz tomorrow now but just looking at the ton of notes waiting for me makes me even more stress so here I am blogging to release some of my stress..Ahaha..XD
Sometimes, it's not that I did not study. It's the trouble understanding. Trying to understand anatomy is so not easy okay? Especially the parts involving the brain and nerves! It's driving me nuts!! ahhhh!!!! Seriously, I wonder how people study anatomy...By memorizing? By understanding? Well, I think it's a combination of both but gosh, it's sooooooo hard k? *sigh*..Oh, did I mention I only study about the upper part of the body? I should be really grateful lor..Imagine those who need to study about the whole body;from head to toe..o.O..If it's me, I will be the first to get crazy..=.=
Kla, gotta go study now. Praying hard that I can answer well in my quiz tomorrow..aiks..>.<
*still in an emo & moody state..haisssssssss* When will I finally feel better? :(

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