Thursday, March 11, 2010

So, do I stand a chance?

Thursday, March 11, 2010
Merits are out!! I got 155. Will it be enough to secure me a place in my hostel? I seriously hope so. I need it so badly. They arranged it based on merits points and I am in the second page so I guess I have quite a high possibility that I will be staying inside. That's what others told me.
Right now, I'm just keeping a positive mind & my hopes up. I am sure God will take care of it. No matter what happens, it will be for a good reason. That I believe :)
Days by days passed, exams getting nearer & nearer yet my revision for it is in a slow process. I spent most of my time doing my assignments everyday & seriously, I think I didn't really study much...*sigh*..I just want to be free from assignments and other activities now..I just want to concentrate on my revision for finals peacefully without any disturbances & other things to think about..I don't want to be wasting time anymore..Well, it's easier to say then done..Sometimes, you plan to do it but then something crops up and you ended up not doing what you are supposed to do...haiz...that's what happening to me..>.<
Anyway, all I want now is just to be free...F.R.E.E!!!!!!!!

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