Friday, March 12, 2010

so sick of it!!!! :(

Friday, March 12, 2010
It's been really tiring...Getting so busy with so many activities has taken its toll on me..These activities had been taking up most of my time to study and do my assignment..I am so tired of sick of it already!! argh!!!!!!!
I need time for myself. To have a day where I can do everything I wanted at my own pace without any disruption. It's getting really annoying to have so many activities that is compulsory to join when exam is so near. It always make me in a dilemma because in the first place, I don't really want to join it anyway. I guess most of us are just joining for the sake of merits to secure us a place next year. Been really busy fighting for it for my first year at Uni but will it be enough to secure me a place? I have no idea but if I did not get a place, I will be very disappointed for sure..>.<
Exam is getting nearer and I haven been having enough time to prepare for it. There's just something coming up everytime I want to study. Something on every weekend when I thought I can utilized my weekend well. When I have the time, I ended up rushing for my assignments. The assignments itself is making me so stressed out.*sigh*..
Seriously, I am really tired nowadays..I miss my home soooooooo much right now..I can't wait to go back but I still have 2 weeks to go before I can go back..I am yearning for a peaceful day where I am free of activities and assignments..I just wanna concentrate on my revision for finals...Please!!!

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