Monday, March 1, 2010

S.T.R.E.S.S =(

Monday, March 1, 2010
So,It's Monday again..*sigh*
Not really looking forward to this month..
Why? Because I will be very busy..
I actually have something on every weekend for almost the whole month of March!!
Can't go back already..haizzzzzzzzz
I look forward to go home the most every weekend..
Knowing that I can't go back for about a month or more make me soooooo down..=(
Tons of assignments to do within this month,
Final exams coming soon,
Busy with university activities to fight for merits.. busy as a bee already..==
Now I am feeling very stress already..
I wonder whether I can cope with all of it especially my studies..
I didn't do very well in my 1st sem..
So I have to work harder in the 2nd sem but it's not easy at all..
Sometimes, I get so tired after class & activities I don't have the mood to study..
I procrastinate very often & is lazy..
In the end, I ended up not doing studying for the whole day..*sigh*
I know it's a bad habit...
Gotta start changing now..
Take things a step at a time..
Don't procrastinate & be lazy..
Use my time wisely..
That's what I am aiming for now..
But now I am very stress lor!!!!!! Just the thought of the lists of things I have to do make me so tense...T______________T
But I know God will be there for me no matter how hard it will be. I just have to believe and have faith in him. Yes, I will. I believe everything will falls into place later on. =)

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