Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When it feels like everything is falling apart...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
"Try seeing things differently"..That's what my previous post is about..It is easy to say, but really doing it is another thing.
Got my results for one of the paper I sat for in mid-sem today. I was shocked to see the result. It was totally not what I expected. I know I didn't do very well but I did not expect it to be that bad. Is it marking error? grade typing error? or is it for real that this is the result I am getting? I don't know. Going to meet my lecturer tomorrow to confirm it..>.<
Seriously, it's so sad & disappointing knowing that I have tried my best but in the end, I still get bad results for it. It's a big blow for me cause maybe I never tasted this type of failure before. It makes me wanna cry & quit everything..But I know that is just an escape from reality..I have to be brave to face it...=(
"Uni life is different from school.. It's when u no longer try to aim high, but just try to survive.. It's when u get your first taste of failure in ur studying life which is a big blow..but every failure is an opportunity to learn and a wake up call, most importantly it's still very early for you and there's still time to catch up. Nothing is impossible with God by your side."
Yeah, this is what my sis told me just now..She is right...everything is different now & I have to learn to cope with it..Life is not a bed of roses & sometimes you need to struggle for it..Nothing is easy in this world..Every course every job is hard in its own way...
" Lynette, don't give up. This is just midsem & it's not what you think. Try harder. I believe you can & don't cry. Trust yourself."
and this is a sms one of my friend sent me just now..He is right too..I cannot give up..I have to try harder, trust myself & believe I can..
I just need some time to settle down & really think about accept the reality & be brave enough to face it...With God by my side, I know everything will be fine =)

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