Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Post-Exam Mania :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I have not been updating my blog for a few days. There's so many things going on but I am just too lazy to blog..lolx..So, now just let me summarize all the 3 days this week.
Starting with Monday, some of my coursemates and I went to Pavilion to watch a movie right after our last paper. Initially, we planned to watch two movies but then we don't have enough time so we watched one instead. 5 of us watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love while the other 2 guys watched The Losers. Personally, for me, the movie was quite nice. The story line was not bad. Funny mostly and touching towards the end. Seriously, not bad for a Malaysian production =X
Our movie was at 6.30pm so we decided to eat first since we haven't had our lunch and it was already around 4 something to 5 that time. We went to Carl's Jr since my friend said it was nice. It was my first time there. Well, the food was not bad but the price was kinda expensive. Anyway, all of us ended up very full..lolx
After the movie, we went to Snowflakes for dessert. The bestseller was indeed the bestseller. It was super yummy!! I love it!! and if you are wondering what the red light UFO thingy is for, it's to tell us our order is ready. It will light up when our order is ready indicating us to go claim it. Kinda unique isn't it? After eating, we got nothing to do so we camwhore..haha..Tried lots and lots of time to get a good picture using the timer function..lolx..funny moment..
and we camwhore again...some were successful..some failed..lolx
Tuesday ; Trip to Sunway Pyramid.
Our first stop, Sushi Zanmai for lunch. The food was good!! Yums!! Guess what? Our bill came to a total of RM 300++ for 9 person!! I think we spent a little bit too much :O
Our 2nd stop, Sunway Pyramid Ice. It was my first time skating so I don't have any experience. Initially I was quite scared so I kept holding the wall for support. I was so afraid I will fall because it feels like I am imbalanced wearing the shoes. Anyway, thank God some of my friends were quite good in it so I just hold on to them to skate..LOL..but still, I fell quite a couple of times. There was once my friend and I fall so hard on the ice floor. OMG!! It was so painful. Now, the pain is still here and it is restricting my movement :O Having trouble sitting and moving around now but still I think it's worth it..haha..It was indeed a really nice first experience and I have fun and enjoyed it really much. Love love love it!! =)
After skating, we went to Snowy restaurant for dinner. I had peanut french toast & honey dew sago drink. It was good too =) In conclusion, the whole trip was awesome although I came back with pain and spent quite a lot but then it will be a memory which will last forever =).
Wednesday : Going home
Woke up around 9 something and went down for a club interview at 10 something. Daddy, mummy & my sister came around 2 something to help me to pack all my things to bring home. I have to move everything out because it's the end of my first year. Honestly, I can't believe I finished my first year already. It all felt like a swift of lightning..lolx..Anyway, exam's over. I don't know how good my results are going to be but I am just happy I can finally relax for 2 months now :) Coming back to my home sweet home feels soooooo good. I am definitely going to enjoy my 2 months holidays to the max!! :DDD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy =) ♥

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Finally, tomorrow is the day..Last paper tomorrow..Movie marathon at Pavilion right after my exam..Sunway ice-skating on Tuesday..Going back to my home sweet home on Wednesday..and I'm gonna be free to enjoy my 2 months break!! Yay!!! :DDD But first, I have to focus on my last paper tomorrow. Only then I can enjoy everything to the max!! Woohoo!!! :DDD Can't wait for everything to be over and for me to relax ^_^
Holidays, home, fun, enjoyment, relaxation, you all are getting closer & closer to me without me realising it!! :)))

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some of the things that I've learned...

Friday, April 23, 2010
From 8 to 7 to 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 papers and now, it's down to 1. Yes!! Only 1 paper left to my holidays & home. Surprisingly, right now, I'm looking forward to go home more than my holidays. LOL Weird huh? I guess it's probably because I missed home really much. Going home & spending time with my family somehow makes me feel more excited than knowing I have holidays :D I really can't wait to be back & enjoy my holidays at home!!! Time, pass faster these few days would you? :) Anyway, exam is gonna end on Monday. Will probably be going for a movie right after that and ice skating at Sunway Pyramid on Tuesday. If the plan did work out, I hope that we will be having real fun :)
On the other hand, a lot of things have been happening throughout my first year at Uni. I have learned a lot about life or more specifically about people.
I've learned that life is imperfect. There are days where everything seems to fall into place & there are days where nothing seems to fall into place. There are days filled with happiness but there are also days filled with sorrows. Despite all the imperfections, however, you can still be optimistic towards it. Believe me, even when it feels like everything is falling apart or nothing is gonna be alright, don't despair but instead, think positively for God won't neglect us. He will always be there for us no matter what happens.
I've learned that there are all kinds of people in this world and you can't please every single one of them. Some are there just to bring you down. Some are there to bring you happiness. It's important to just be yourself if you think what you are doing is right. People judge no matter what you do. Sometimes, it's for the better and it helps you improve but sometimes, there are just meant to make you down. So, be strong when dealing with all sorts of people. Choose those who are worth it for you have in your life.
I've learned to appreciate everything better from friends, to family to life. In university life, there will be times when you realised that many things are far more better than you think they are last time. When you don't have something to compare to, you just complain about how bad something is. Now, with something to compare with, you start to realised how some things are way better last time than how it is now and you learned to appreciate it more.
I've learned that people come and go in our life and those who stays are the ones that matters most. I am starting to realise who my true friends really are and who are the ones who will really be there for me when I need them. Cheering me up...Giving me full support when my world feels like it's crumbling down. Knowing the truth is sad but then, it makes you appreciate those who really cares about you more.
I've learned that friendship is sometimes hard. It takes two sides to build a friendship and their effort to maintain it. Sometimes, you get tired when it's only you who is trying to make the effort to mend the relationship that is broken or to maintain it. Being the one who always need to take the initiative is very tiring and sometimes, you just stop and give up. That's how friendship ends sometimes. Friendship are like mirrors. Once it is broken, you can try putting it all back again and even if you did manage to put the pieces back together again, you know it will never be the same anymore. It just proves that the relationship is not strong enough or simply because, you're never meant to be friends. Some might not have a lot of friends like other people do, but they have a couple of close friends who are really true friends. I would rather have a couple of friends like this than having a ton of friends that just say hi bye and only finds you when they need you.
Okay, I think that's all for now. There's definitely more but that's all I can think of now..haha..Anyway, this is super lengthy post and it feels like i am writing an essay. gosh!! I hope you all don't get bored reading it though..lolx..Till then, bye!! Gotta get my chores done then start revising for my last paper!!! :)))

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Active on Tumblr & Twitter :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Are these pictures cute or what? Gosh!!! I love them so so so much...It makes me so happy just by looking at them!! :DDDD
Wanna see more pictures like this? Then follow me on Tumblr by clicking HERE!!! I promise there will be lots and lots of beautiful pictures to brighten up your day so remember to follow me there ya :) By the way, I am hooked on Tumblr recently so I guess I won't be updating my blog as often as I update my tumblr..
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Monday, April 19, 2010

A nice way to start a new week :D

Monday, April 19, 2010
Just finished my exam and lunch..
Exam was fine, lunch was satisfying :)
5 paper down, 3 more to go..
Can't wait for it to be..
8 paper down, 0 more to go..haha..XD
While surfing the net just now, I went to read a blog by Cynthia Koh, a quite famous Singapore actress. I am sure those who watched Singapore dramas often will know who she is :) Anyway, was reading one of her post when I came across something she wrote.
"And my inner self replied- how many of us are actually reflecting upon life and being grateful for each living moment. Most of us are so engross in the needs and wants in life…that we start to complain and get upset when life doesn’t serve us the way we want it. Learn to view things in a bigger picture and all our worries will seem like a speck of dust in the air."
Truly indeed, what she say was absolutely right. This passage caught my eye and I fell in love with it instantly after reading it. Somehow, it makes me think too. Just how many of us are actually being grateful for each living moment & don't complain when life is not the way we want it to be?
It's Monday today. The start of a new week. Getting this kind of message on the first day of the week feels so good. What an inspiring message to start a new week!! So, to everyone out there who is reading my post, be grateful for everything you have and experience in your life because some might not even have the chance for it. Complain less, appreciate life more and it will seem more meaningful that way :) Happy Monday!!
By the way, here's a link to Cynthia Koh's blog. Feel free to drop by once in a while to feel inspired!! :D
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

love love love the wall so much :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010
I am in love with this picture. You know why? No, the focus is not on the girl on the bed. It's the wall behind the girl!!! Awww...I love the wall so much!! The colour..the's so sweet, pretty & lovely...ahhhhh...I want to paint my room like this!!! :P

Have a blessed and Happy Sunday everyone!! :D

Hey yo!! It's Sunday today so have a Happy & Blessed Sunday everyone!! :DDD
A Sunday was supposed to be a day for relaxation but I have to get up early for exam today ; English. Exam on a Sunday. That's my first -__- It was supposed to start at 8.30am but guess what? They don't have the reading material for us. Only the Q & A sheet are given with nothing to refer to. How to do? -___- So, we have to wait for them to bring it to us all the way from Bangi for all of us in KL -_______- The exam was delayed and we are quarantined inside the exam hall for 1/2 hour..o.O..Thank God the paper was not that hard. It was definitely much easier compared to other papers I sat for this week >.<
~ awwww...doesn't this look so yummy? Waffles + chocolate sauce + strawberries...simply blissful...I am craving for it now..T_____________T ~
Okay, gonna start revising again. I have another paper to sit for tomorrow; Emotion Management. Confirm will fall asleep while reading the notes one. Some more the notes are mostly in English for like 90% but the questions will be in Malay. -_______- Bye!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

and it has been a year since we left matrix...

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Last year, on this day(17 April ) was the day I stepped out from my matriculation college. Without realising, it has been a year already. I don't really notice this until a friend of mine told me today. Matrix life was one of the life that I missed the most. I never thought I would be missing it. Back then, I think I am just wishing and hoping everyday that it will end faster. o.O But now, upon entering uni, I am starting to miss it..a whole lot!! Although it sometimes feels like we are in prison, we had each other and that's enough to make us happy. I missed a lot of things back there.
I missed
- the jokes,fun and gossip time we had together
- the time we spent talking about guy stuffs..LOL
- attending lecture with 2 of my best mates, Carole & Kamini..
- the times we spent talking & laughing so much everyday
- borrowing each others lab report to copy (oopsie..secret's out =X)
- the cafe food..It was really least better than now..=X
- going to the library to study during our breaks (always hoping to meet the guy we like..Seriously, we will be like so happy and excited when the guy we like happen to be in the library and came to talk to us..ahaha..XD)
- attending some classes with funny lecturers that always makes us laugh.
- going into each other's room and ended up chatting for some time
- how my friend always tries to create a chance for me to be with "him" and
- watching movies or drama together..I think we once watched Twilight during the Earth Hour..LOL
- how we always wait for each other after our class and meet up for lunch at Cafe C
Seriously, the list will go on & on if I kept on typing..LOL..There are just too many good memories to recap back so I think I will just stop here :)
Right now, everything is different and many things are not like how it used to be anymore. Some are for the better while some are not. Surviving a year in university is not like surviving a year in matrix. I would say it's really a big contrast but no matter how I missed my life back then, I can't go back. My only choice is just to move on and keep looking forward but no matter what happens, all the memories in matrix will stay in my heart and mind forever. Who knows, maybe one day this will be the greatest story ever told to my grandchildren..haha ( if i did have any :P) Only God knows :D

Yesterday's update...

Went to Pavilion with a coursemate of mine straight after my exam yesterday morning. The others went for karaoke session at Times Square but we chose to go to Pavilion to study ( or else we will feel gulity for having fun during exam So, only both of us went to Pavilion. Our initial plan was to have lunch at Starbucks and study there but then, we got distracted a little when we saw all the shops..haha ( well, we are girls so can't help it..=P) We ended up shopping for a while. Yes, only a while :D After that, we went straight to Starbucks but there was not much choice of food to fill our hungry stomach so we decided to have our lunch at some other places first before coming back to Starbucks. We ended up eating at the food court. I had Butter Rice with Chicken + sugarcane juice while she had spaghetti with scallops :) After lunch, we headed back to Starbucks but to our surprise, it was so crowded. There's not much seats left so we went to The Coffee Bean instead. Both of had mocha..mine was ice-blended while hers was hot. Spent a few hours there reading our "Pengurusan Emosi" notes with breaks in between for chatting & gossiping..lolx..Anyway, it was a really nice & relaxing environment..At least it takes our stress off a little :)
We came back around 6 something and all of a sudden, I don't know why but I started feeling so down for the whole night. I guess partly is due to my exams & some other things as well. When I am down, I start thinking a lot or maybe sometimes too much. In the end, I feel so much better after chatting with some people. It's indeed a miracle how God can send certain people to cheer us up when we are down. Sometimes, it happens rather unexpectedly and I thank God for that. I am truly blessed and grateful for it :D
My first week of exams is going to end soon. 3 papers down, 5 more to go. I just can't wait to finish everything and have my holidays. I need a time out from all these study stress. I want to relax and have a peace of mind.
By the way, this is my latest addiction. Chace Crawford!!!!!!!!! He's such a hottie. I especially love his eyes. Looking at it will just make you melt & fall in love with him. LOL
Wokay, done updating my blog. Gotta get back to my studies now. 5 more to go...Aza aza fighting!!! :DDD

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More beautiful pictures :DDD

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Here's more pictures to brighten up everyone's day..awww...aren't they beautiful?? Don't you feel a ton of happiness just by looking at these pictures? Yes, I do...It makes me happy coz they are just too pretty. I just love looking at it :DDDDD

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We miss you more than words can say..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
It's the 13th of April 2010 today. 2 years back, on this day, my grandmother left us to be with God in heaven. I still remember vividly what happen on that day. Thinking of it still makes me tear up sometimes but as days pass, it's getting better because I have slowly come to terms with it. Even though you are out of sight, but you are never out of our mind. Memories with you still lingers on no matter where we are. There are just too many wonderful memories we had with you and it will definitely last forever. Many things have changed since you left us and it will never be the same anymore. How wonderful would it be if you are here to share our happiness and help us when we are in time of sorrow. All of us here definitely miss you for sure but I believe you are doing great in heaven, looking upon us like you always do when you are alive :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving on after trying my best with the faith that God will take care of the rest...

Monday, April 12, 2010
Sat for my first paper today..anatomy & physiology. Gosh!! It was quite hard!! The questions seems easy but then when you try to answer it, you realized it's not. I thought I know the answer but I guess I don't. It was simply confusing. What's worse, my brain just cramped when I am inside the exam hall. Tried hard to recall back what I have studied and memorized during my whole study week but to no avail. My brain just don't seem to cooperate:(
Feeling really heartbroken & disappointed now..I wanted to do well so badly and this is only the first paper. I hope I didn't screw up this paper. >.<
Anyway, it's over. No point whining over it anymore. I would be lying if I say I am not feeling sad but I guess I just have to move on and concentrate on my next subject now. I have tried my best in it & now I am just leaving everything to God. I am sure HE will take care of it :)
Next paper will be on Psychology. Hopefully this time around, I will be able to answer it well...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I hate stressssssss :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Came back to KL today since I am having exams starting from tomorrow..
My first paper tomorrow will be on anatomy & physiology..One of the hardest subject I would say..Since entering Uni, I have never got a good grade in this subject which explains why I am feeling so scared and nervous about it. I really want to do well in my exam this time. I need to get a good grade this time...badly...>.<...But I am feeling so tired right now..My brain feels like it's going to explode...It feels so saturated with all the terms and facts..gosh!!! There are just so many things to memorise!!!! Seriously, I am getting mad & fed up looking at the notes already..argh!!! I simply can't relax myself now..Feeling so stressed so tired...*sigh*..God, please let everything go smoothly tomorrow..Hopefully everything that I have studied and memorise will come out in the exam tomorrow...=X..
P/S : just bear with me with all the outburst..I am just de-stressing myself..=P

Saturday, April 10, 2010

First challenge down..One more to go :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010
It has been only 2 days since I last blogged but it feels I haven't blogged for
It's Saturday!! My study week is finally coming to an end. Tomorrow will be the last day for some final revision on Anatomy before my exam starts on Monday. Yes, that also means I am going back to KL t0morrow..>.<
This whole week have been pretty stressful and tiring but I did find some time to relax myself though. Trying to read, understand and memorize what I am studying definitely requires a huge load of patience. The books are so thick and boring and I found myself frequently checking how many pages I have left while reading. It was seriously frustrating when I found out I still have a lot of pages left :( What more frustrating is when you forgot 'this' when you read 'that' and you know what? That makes me really stress and scared -___-
Anyway, I think I have put all my effort in revising as much as I can. Trying to understand and memorise everything from every subject is not easy. Will that be enough? I have no idea. I'm having mixed feelings now. One part of me says ; I think I am ready for my exam..Bring it on!! while the other part of me says ; Hmm..I don't think I am ready yet..I'm scared >.<...But, I know by now, I am supposed to feel ready. Maybe I just need some confidence :)
Starting from next week onwards, for 2 weeks + 1 day will be the start of my exam war!! First part of the challenge is down that is the revision part. Now, I just have to go through another challenge; EXAMS!! It's going to get pretty stressful but I am sure I will survive because I know God is always by my side :D I would be lying if I say I am not scared and nervous about this coming exam but, I promised I am going to try my very best in all the papers. Hopefully, everything will eventually turn out good :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd day of study week..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
There goes my 3rd day of study week..
It started off pretty good but now, as the exam date draws near, I am feeling the stress & anxiety already..o.O..Pre-exam blues i guess..>.<..There are just so many things to study, understand and remember with so little time..I'm really trying my best to revise as much as I can now but sometimes, I wonder whether it will be enough..Even if I finished revising everything, will I be able to apply it in my exam later? Will I be able to remember what I read? All these questions have been wandering around in my mind these few days. Seriously speaking, I am really worried & scared of exam this time because it's the final exam for my whole first year at Uni. It will determine whether I can carry on to my 2nd year. So scary..>.<..4 more days to go before I officially start my exam. I guess all I can do now is to revise and study as much as I can. Try my best and leave the rest to God. I am sure He will be there for me no matter what happens =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Away for study week...

Monday, April 5, 2010
Study week officially started today and it's going to last for a week..
Won't be getting online that often from this week onwards until I finished my exams on the 26th of April..o.O
So, that also means I won't be updating my blog regularly for this period of time..
Do miss me and my posts ya!! LOL
Study week + exam period will definitely be a stressful time for me..
Just hope that I will be able to cope with everything well..
To be able to understand what I am reading & studying..
To be able to memorize & remember it..
and most importantly, to be able to apply it in my exams later on!! >.<
Okay, I got to get back to my studies now. Please pray for me that my study week will be a productive one!! >.<

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing with webcam XD

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Seriously, try doing this when you are bored or stressed out. Believe me!! It's fun!! XD
You can make all sorts of faces you like and it will usually turn out to be funny..lolx..
But I guess mine are still considered quite normal too over expression..haha

Friday, April 2, 2010

Seniors Farewell Dinner :)

Friday, April 2, 2010
Some camwhore pics before I go out for the farewell dinner..hehe
~ We first years with our pretty & handsome 4th year seniors...They are such a role model to me...Admire them so ~
~ all three of the 4th year guy seniors singing :D ~
~ What I ordered : Thousand island chicken with rice + soup & honey lemon green tea..yummy!! ~
~ Some of my coursemates ~
~ Now, we are first year juniors!! Going to become 2nd year seniors soon!! :D ~
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