Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd day of study week..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
There goes my 3rd day of study week..
It started off pretty good but now, as the exam date draws near, I am feeling the stress & anxiety already..o.O..Pre-exam blues i guess..>.<..There are just so many things to study, understand and remember with so little time..I'm really trying my best to revise as much as I can now but sometimes, I wonder whether it will be enough..Even if I finished revising everything, will I be able to apply it in my exam later? Will I be able to remember what I read? All these questions have been wandering around in my mind these few days. Seriously speaking, I am really worried & scared of exam this time because it's the final exam for my whole first year at Uni. It will determine whether I can carry on to my 2nd year. So scary..>.<..4 more days to go before I officially start my exam. I guess all I can do now is to revise and study as much as I can. Try my best and leave the rest to God. I am sure He will be there for me no matter what happens =)

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