Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Active on Tumblr & Twitter :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Are these pictures cute or what? Gosh!!! I love them so so so much...It makes me so happy just by looking at them!! :DDDD
Wanna see more pictures like this? Then follow me on Tumblr by clicking HERE!!! I promise there will be lots and lots of beautiful pictures to brighten up your day so remember to follow me there ya :) By the way, I am hooked on Tumblr recently so I guess I won't be updating my blog as often as I update my tumblr..
Tumblr & Twitter just became my newest addiction...Getting pretty bored with Facebook & my blog remember to follow me on Tumblr & Twitter!!! Just click it to go directly to my page!!! click!! click!! click!! Thanks :)


♥淑盈 agApe LovE♥ said...

lynetten.. the same situation is happening to me.. haha.. Tumblr is so soothing soul and mind.. dunno i will have such feeling.. ^^
yeah, ur pic in Tumblr are all nice... glad to see them thr.. know u are wuite active in Tumblr.=D new post keep on pop=ing out in dashboard.. haha..

♥淑盈 agApe LovE♥ said...

hey lynetten.. dats was cool.. de same situation happening to me.. addicted to tumblr.. it somehoow soothing my mind n soul..=D
love it..
yeah, am love at looking ur pic in tumblr.. knowing dat u r quite active thr, new post keep on pop-ing out.. haha.. good.. explore together.. thinking of putting a cbox thr.. but dunno how le.. hehe^^

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

haha..first, y r u calling me lynetten? i am lynette la..minus the 'n'..lolx..Yeah, i just came across it coincidently & now i m hooked on it.haha..& yeah,the pics & quotes r really soothing our mind & makes me so happy just by looking at it :D thanks & sorry for spamming ur dashboard..HAHA..=X..yalo, i am thinking of putting a lot of things there but no idea how..let's explore it together someday yeah =)

♥淑盈 agApe LovE♥ said...

opps.. i oso dunno wad i'm typing jz now.. blurr, saturated wif all de chemicals.. haha... sorry ya lynette.. yea, it does in tumblr which cant find in blogspot..=D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...'s ok..u did that in tumblr was wondering since when my name change to lynetten..hahaha..yaya..tumblr is the best!! :D

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