Saturday, April 17, 2010

and it has been a year since we left matrix...

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Last year, on this day(17 April ) was the day I stepped out from my matriculation college. Without realising, it has been a year already. I don't really notice this until a friend of mine told me today. Matrix life was one of the life that I missed the most. I never thought I would be missing it. Back then, I think I am just wishing and hoping everyday that it will end faster. o.O But now, upon entering uni, I am starting to miss it..a whole lot!! Although it sometimes feels like we are in prison, we had each other and that's enough to make us happy. I missed a lot of things back there.
I missed
- the jokes,fun and gossip time we had together
- the time we spent talking about guy stuffs..LOL
- attending lecture with 2 of my best mates, Carole & Kamini..
- the times we spent talking & laughing so much everyday
- borrowing each others lab report to copy (oopsie..secret's out =X)
- the cafe food..It was really least better than now..=X
- going to the library to study during our breaks (always hoping to meet the guy we like..Seriously, we will be like so happy and excited when the guy we like happen to be in the library and came to talk to us..ahaha..XD)
- attending some classes with funny lecturers that always makes us laugh.
- going into each other's room and ended up chatting for some time
- how my friend always tries to create a chance for me to be with "him" and
- watching movies or drama together..I think we once watched Twilight during the Earth Hour..LOL
- how we always wait for each other after our class and meet up for lunch at Cafe C
Seriously, the list will go on & on if I kept on typing..LOL..There are just too many good memories to recap back so I think I will just stop here :)
Right now, everything is different and many things are not like how it used to be anymore. Some are for the better while some are not. Surviving a year in university is not like surviving a year in matrix. I would say it's really a big contrast but no matter how I missed my life back then, I can't go back. My only choice is just to move on and keep looking forward but no matter what happens, all the memories in matrix will stay in my heart and mind forever. Who knows, maybe one day this will be the greatest story ever told to my grandchildren..haha ( if i did have any :P) Only God knows :D

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