Saturday, April 10, 2010

First challenge down..One more to go :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010
It has been only 2 days since I last blogged but it feels I haven't blogged for
It's Saturday!! My study week is finally coming to an end. Tomorrow will be the last day for some final revision on Anatomy before my exam starts on Monday. Yes, that also means I am going back to KL t0morrow..>.<
This whole week have been pretty stressful and tiring but I did find some time to relax myself though. Trying to read, understand and memorize what I am studying definitely requires a huge load of patience. The books are so thick and boring and I found myself frequently checking how many pages I have left while reading. It was seriously frustrating when I found out I still have a lot of pages left :( What more frustrating is when you forgot 'this' when you read 'that' and you know what? That makes me really stress and scared -___-
Anyway, I think I have put all my effort in revising as much as I can. Trying to understand and memorise everything from every subject is not easy. Will that be enough? I have no idea. I'm having mixed feelings now. One part of me says ; I think I am ready for my exam..Bring it on!! while the other part of me says ; Hmm..I don't think I am ready yet..I'm scared >.<...But, I know by now, I am supposed to feel ready. Maybe I just need some confidence :)
Starting from next week onwards, for 2 weeks + 1 day will be the start of my exam war!! First part of the challenge is down that is the revision part. Now, I just have to go through another challenge; EXAMS!! It's going to get pretty stressful but I am sure I will survive because I know God is always by my side :D I would be lying if I say I am not scared and nervous about this coming exam but, I promised I am going to try my very best in all the papers. Hopefully, everything will eventually turn out good :)

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