Friday, April 2, 2010

The Last Hurdle...

Friday, April 2, 2010
Wee!!!! Finally, all class ended!!! ..
Somehow, it felt like I am having holidays already..LOL..
It's like I have finished my exams and is getting ready for my holidays..haha
But NO, I have one more hurdle to go...
Yeah, just 1 more before I can officially finish my first year at Uni..
and it's a combination of the letter E+X+A+M+S = EXAMS!!! >.<
Yeah, next week is my study week..Well, this weekend can be considered the start of my study week as well but I still have two more events to attend..
Seniors Farewell Dinner tonight & Course Night tomorrow night..
After that, I will be going home for my 1 week study week..
Seriously, need to use my time wisely and study hard during that period..
I want to do well in this exam!!! Well, I think it's more to I need!! duh!
Won't be getting online so often during study week..
I hope and I plan to..,it must work out =X
Perhaps just for a while as a reward after studying..hehe
By the way, it's Good Friday today..
so, Happy Good Friday everyone!! God Bless!! :)

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