Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Post-Exam Mania :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I have not been updating my blog for a few days. There's so many things going on but I am just too lazy to blog..lolx..So, now just let me summarize all the 3 days this week.
Starting with Monday, some of my coursemates and I went to Pavilion to watch a movie right after our last paper. Initially, we planned to watch two movies but then we don't have enough time so we watched one instead. 5 of us watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love while the other 2 guys watched The Losers. Personally, for me, the movie was quite nice. The story line was not bad. Funny mostly and touching towards the end. Seriously, not bad for a Malaysian production =X
Our movie was at 6.30pm so we decided to eat first since we haven't had our lunch and it was already around 4 something to 5 that time. We went to Carl's Jr since my friend said it was nice. It was my first time there. Well, the food was not bad but the price was kinda expensive. Anyway, all of us ended up very full..lolx
After the movie, we went to Snowflakes for dessert. The bestseller was indeed the bestseller. It was super yummy!! I love it!! and if you are wondering what the red light UFO thingy is for, it's to tell us our order is ready. It will light up when our order is ready indicating us to go claim it. Kinda unique isn't it? After eating, we got nothing to do so we camwhore..haha..Tried lots and lots of time to get a good picture using the timer function..lolx..funny moment..
and we camwhore again...some were successful..some failed..lolx
Tuesday ; Trip to Sunway Pyramid.
Our first stop, Sushi Zanmai for lunch. The food was good!! Yums!! Guess what? Our bill came to a total of RM 300++ for 9 person!! I think we spent a little bit too much :O
Our 2nd stop, Sunway Pyramid Ice. It was my first time skating so I don't have any experience. Initially I was quite scared so I kept holding the wall for support. I was so afraid I will fall because it feels like I am imbalanced wearing the shoes. Anyway, thank God some of my friends were quite good in it so I just hold on to them to skate..LOL..but still, I fell quite a couple of times. There was once my friend and I fall so hard on the ice floor. OMG!! It was so painful. Now, the pain is still here and it is restricting my movement :O Having trouble sitting and moving around now but still I think it's worth it..haha..It was indeed a really nice first experience and I have fun and enjoyed it really much. Love love love it!! =)
After skating, we went to Snowy restaurant for dinner. I had peanut french toast & honey dew sago drink. It was good too =) In conclusion, the whole trip was awesome although I came back with pain and spent quite a lot but then it will be a memory which will last forever =).
Wednesday : Going home
Woke up around 9 something and went down for a club interview at 10 something. Daddy, mummy & my sister came around 2 something to help me to pack all my things to bring home. I have to move everything out because it's the end of my first year. Honestly, I can't believe I finished my first year already. It all felt like a swift of lightning..lolx..Anyway, exam's over. I don't know how good my results are going to be but I am just happy I can finally relax for 2 months now :) Coming back to my home sweet home feels soooooo good. I am definitely going to enjoy my 2 months holidays to the max!! :DDD


cysquare said...

i LIKE this post.
two thumb ups!!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

haha..thank you my dear coursemate!! remember to join us next time so that we will have fun together ya!! :)

cysquare said...

ooo..i will

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