Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Autumn's Concerto is loves :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
It's been almost a week since I came home for my holidays and surprisingly I have not blogged ever since :O Why? Mostly because I am hooked on a Taiwanese Drama, Autumn's Concerto @ better known as Next Stop Happiness. I've gotten a lot of good reviews about this drama so I decided to watch it. Indeed, it's really good and this drama had just made me fall in love with it.
I have always been a fan of love story so this show is definitely for me. It's a touching love story with a twist. The story line is arranged perfectly. The casts are great!! Vanness Wu, Ady An & Xiao Xiao Bin made a great family in the drama. With their acting skills & the songs which accompany the scenes, it was seriously a drama that touches my heart. Even though they have to go through a lot of pain & obstacles, in the end, they still get together after all because of their strong love for each other. I don't know how many times I teared up because of this drama. There are really a lot of scenes which makes my tears flow freely & I just can't stop crying :O Yes, I am that emotional =P
Now, I am officially in love with anything to do with the drama. The songs, the casts, the story..just everything. The story is somewhat sad & touching. I can't imagine how much pain they have to go through if this really happens in real life but then true love makes all the pain & everything else worth while. If given the chance, I would want to experience that =X I must be crazy..haha..XD
Anyway, it's a really nice drama. Those who loves love stories should definitely watch this drama. I am telling you again..It's really good!!! I highly recommend it for everyone!! :DD


firefly said...

yeah! true! i love this drama so much n i watch it the same time it is airing at taiwan!! n tat time, i cant wait foe the next episode every week!! haha...

n xiao le is so sos so sosososososo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B@bY ScORPio said...

haha,,.yea,,i cried 3 time watch this drama..best drama i ever watched...=)

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

firefly : lolx..if it's me i sure can't wait one cz i watch 5 episodes max in a day..too kan cheong..haha..and yes i love xiao le & vanness wu!!! :D

baby scorpio : haha..really touching lor..can't stop crying..TT

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