Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Sunday =)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
It's been about a week since I last updated my blog. There are actually a few events to blog about but I am just too lazy. I didn't even upload all the photos yet. -____- I always tell myself I will blog today but the today turned to tomorrow and tomorrow turned to the next day..LOL
Too lazy to blog about any other days so I will just talked about the latest one which is last Sunday. Right after morning service at church, my family and I headed down to Sunway Pyramid. Reached there around 11 something, shopped a little, try on a few dresses but there was not one that I really liked >.<
We shopped till about 1pm and headed straight to Tony Roma Restaurant to meet our other relatives. We had make a reservation for 20 persons earlier to celebrate Mother's Day again since my first uncle was not able to attend it last week. Seriously, the food was really good!! Of cause I enjoyed it a lot that time but thinking back, I wonder how many calories have I consumed in a day. Spaghetti, cod fish, ribs, onion loaf, potato skins....o.O No doubt it's super yummy but no doubt it's super fattening too -___-
Right after lunch, my sister and I went for a hair and face makeover organised by Sunway Pyramid. It feels so good to have my hair and face makeup done!! I think I sat there for about 1 hour ++ with passerbys coming to and fro :O There was a photoshoot right after that somemore!! It was my first time taking a professional photoshoot and it's in public!! o.O Nice experience but I think I looked really fat in my photos especially my face..zzzzzzzzzz..=.=ll
After the makeover, went to my aunt's house for dinner. Reached home at about 7 something - 8 if I am not wrong. Online, watched some TV and I was too bored so I did my nails. Red + white polka dot nails!! It was my first try but I am [pretty satisfied with the results even though the polka dots are not as round as I want it to be though..haha
Don't you think these nails are pretty? :P

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