Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meaningful days =)

Sunday, May 9, 2010
It's Mother's Day today so here I wish every mother around the world a very Happy Mother's Day!!! Of cause, not forgetting my own who has always been there for me since I am born till now. No one can ever replace your place in my heart. You are simply one of the greatest gift from God. Mum, even though I might not express it out often but I love ya lots!! Thanks for everything you did for me.. Muacks =)
Went for CG (cell group) yesterday night. It was the time for bible study this time. We sang some songs to worship God before dividing into smaller groups. Yesterday, God touches my heart in many ways. From singspration to bible study and sharing, I somehow felt like God is giving me the answers to some of my prayers. God do have His way of answering our prayers =) All we have to do to ask and have faith and you will receive it. Maybe not in the way we want it to be but the best way God plan for us. Maybe we might not get everything we ask for but we get everything we need from God. God just have His own ways in solving our problems. That's just some of the things I learned yesterday^^
Went for morning service at church today. Since it was Mother's Day, the church invite a speaker from outside for the message. The theme for today is Gifts from Parents. It was a really nice and meaningful message not only to parents but I think to the children as well. Not much celebration today but just went for lunch with my family and relatives at a Chinese restaurant and back to my grandma's place for a short gathering. A simple and nice gathering to spend time with my family and relatives =)

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