Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Today marks the 8th day I am home for my holidays. These 8 days I have been relaxing..a whole lot until i felt guilty for relaxing too much..haha..Waking up late in the morning, online, watching TV..that's about what I did everyday. A simple way to relax after my finals but I know this cannot go on forever. When I am studying back then at my hostel, I used to log in into facebook, twitter, tumblr and my blog and update it quite often but now when I am free, I rarely use it. Weird huh? @@ Maybe because I am bored with it or simply because I am just too lazy. I stayed at home mostly during these 8 days. Went shopping last Sunday, bought red & white nail polish, two cute t-shirts, and 1 long pants. Went for a haircut 2 days back and going to straighten it on Monday :)

Without realising, I finished my first year of university life already and I survived!! I still remember the first time I got in where eveything seems like a blur and I often wonder whether it is a right place for me to be. Now, it's getting better. I am starting to grab hold of what I am learning, knowing more about the profession I am going to be in but seriously, I don't know whether it will be enough for me to go through another 3 years. I don't know whether I can do it. People have been telling me how good this course is but sometimes, I wonder whether it's the right one for me but since God put me here, I believe it must be :)


This one year of university life makes me open my eyes to the world more. The world is a great place to explore. There are just so many things to learn..about life, about people, about everything. I have learnt a lot during my first year here. The people I met had all made an impact on me. Some good, some bad but that's what life is about isn't it? Meeting all sorts of people and learning how to deal with them. Facing problems and obstacles so that we can learn from it. In this world, there are bound to be people who like you & those who don't but what more important is learning how to deal with each of them, always do the right thing no matter what people think or say and just be yourself and live your own life. You have the right to make the choice :) You can't change people but you can change yourself to be a better person if you think what you did is wrong. That's some of the things I learned.

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