Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Update...

Monday, June 28, 2010
2 disappointing matches in 2 days straight!! -__-
Bye Korea, Bye England & David Beckham :(
Which team will we bid farewell to next??
I hope it's not one of the few teams I am supporting this time >.<
I am so into the World Cup fever lately..
Watching the matches seems more exciting now..
I guess it's because it's getting nearer & nearer to the finals..
But it's not like I can watch the finals anyway..
My new sem starts on the 12th of July and I am going back on the 11th..
Yeah, coincidently it's the day of the World Cup finals -______-
Talking about the start of my new sem, I am forced to remember that my holidays are ending soon :( Exactly 2 more weeks left :O Am I ready to start a new sem?? Half of me is excited and prepared, another half of me is not yet...haizzzzzzzz...Anyhow, I still have to accept the fact -.-
That's all for now. Just a quick short update for my blog. It's 1.25am. Gotta get some sleep now. Goodnight!! :))) xoxoxo

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