Friday, June 4, 2010

Result's OUT!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010
Okay, so as stated above, my result is out!!
Well, today is supposed to be the official day
but I got to know mine yesterday night itself..
I was feeling rather nervous yesterday..
My heart literally felt like they are going to drop out!! :O
But when I got my results, I feel so relieved and calm..
There's not much excitement
since I got the same pointer like my first semester..
There's no improvement nor drop in my pointer..
It's exactly the same!! :O Is this good or what? -__-
Well, I am choosing to see it in a good way..
Maintaining is way better than a drop isn't it? LOL :P
At least I got a few As this time :)
If only I got a better grade for my anatomy, I am sure my pointer will go up..
Okay, the truth is, who wouldn't want to get a higher pointer right?
Of cause I do but everyone knows that it's not an easy task,
Right now, I am just grateful, satisfied and contented with what God gives me..
I know it's not that great but this actually motivates me to try harder next time..
Some people choose to aim high but that's not the case with me..
I don't believe in aiming high coz I think it's much harder that way..
I have seen people who are not satisfied even when they got really good results..
It's like hoping to be the best when you are actually already the best..
If you did not reach your target, would you be feeling more disappointed or motivated?
I don't know about others but I will definitely be feeling super disappointed..
I will be thinking of giving up rather than striving harder..
That is why I dislike aiming high..I used to do that but not now anymore..
Knowing that I tried my best and accepting whatever result is given to me feels much more rewarding..Getting good results will be like a bonus for me..If not, it will only make me work harder next time :)
Well, I think this applies more to study life rather than working life though..
I think, somehow, in working life, one needs to aim higher...we can't only try our best..
( no offence..that's just my opinion..I am not even working yet..LOL)
Anyway, I am just happy I passed my first year :)
Second year of my university life is coming in about a month..
It's gonna be tougher than the first year for sure..
But, I believe I can do it ^_^
Anyone can do if you put your mind to it :D

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