Monday, June 14, 2010

Support Japan!! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010
It's the 4th day of the FIFA World Cup. 8 matches down *if i am not wrong*. Out of all, the one that make me the happiest was seeing Korea winning their match against Greece!! * know which team I am supporting now :P* All the matches yesterday was pretty boring. Didn't watch much because I don't like any single team that played yesterday but I was pretty surprised that Germany scored so many goals!! 4-0 against easy to score goals one..that's the first thing that came to mind..haha..Today's matches seems much exciting than yesterday's one. Looking forward to the match between Japan and Cameroon tonight!! :DDD
Waaaa...i feel like a guy talking about all these World Cup thingy..-__-..Even some of my friends are surprised I watched football..I really think more will be surprised to find out I watched if you know me...haha..Anyway, who cares? Girls cannot watch football one meh? It's not like a girl who watched footballl is not feminine. It's the 21st century okay?...haha :PP Well, the truth is..I don't usually watch football..I watch it only when it's the World Cup!!..fair enough..haha..I started watching 4 years ago when I was 16 years of then, it's more fun watching because my favourite players are inside!! This time, they are all not playing in the field anymore. Some are out of the team, some already retired....zzzzzz
Okay peeps, got to go. Sayonara!!! Gambateh Japan!!! :) *in japanese mode now..LOL..XDDD*

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