Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup fever!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010
Okay, this is supposed to be my super overdue Sunway Pyramid Makeover post like what I said in my previous post but I guess it will be even more overdue now..haha..Too lazy to upload and edit the pictures and the FIFA World Cup fever is here!!!! I guess that's what more important right? lol..Well, I am not exactly a football fan but I still know who and which team the players are..Good enough right?..LOL..Everyone is in the world cup mood now so I guess I am just blending in too..haha..There are a few teams on my "hope to win" list and needless to say, England is in the list for sure..LOL..The others will just remain a secret..I will tell you if they win..haha..
- Fifa World Cup 2010 mascot..he's cute isn't he? LOL -
So guys, who are you rooting for?? Let's get the football fever started but do remember to have a limit. Don't let it affect your work,studies & health. No gambling too ... Happy watching =)

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