Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup & Toy Story 3 :)

Monday, June 21, 2010
Just finished watching the match between Portugal & North Korea and it is 7 goals to Portugal!!!!! Yes, it's 7!! OMG!! Can you believe it?? That's the most goals in a match in this World Cup. The goals just came one after another!! Wow!! Unbelievable match!! I am still in shock right now. They are expected to win anyway but i never expect them to have 7 goals!! Poor North Korea :(
Anyway, watched Toy Story 3 with two friends of mine last Saturday. It was a spontaneous decision so the earliest ticket we could get is 7pm. Bought the ticket anyway but it's in 3D so it costs us quite a bit. Well, I am pretty satisfied with the movie. It's simply great & awesome!! Love the movie!! But I think it will still be as good without the 3D. There's really not much effect in the 3D version.
The movie was funny yet a little touching too. I just love the friendship bond between all of the toys. Simply pure :) My favourite scenes will definitely be the part where Buzz Lightyear talks in Spanish when they tried to repair him..haha..That was really funny!! Another one is when all the toys hold each other's hand when they are about to fall into the fire...touching T_T..
It was definitely a family movie worth watching. I think both adults & children will enjoy it. Just watch for a good laugh & be touched. That's what I love about Disney Pixar animation movies. Toy Story 3 one good movie highly recommended to everyone!! Go watch it if you haven't!! :D

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