Tuesday, July 13, 2010

End of World Cup, Beginning of a new semester :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Phew!! Finally, the whole World Cup fever ended. Everyone have been having disrupted sleeping hours because of this frenzy. Now, everything is finally back to normal. Thanks to Astro, I was able to watch the match live online :) Congrats Spain for being the new champion!! You all deserve it :) I'm happy they won because my favourite player, David Villa is in the team..hahahaha :P
Anyway, the end of World Cup = the start of my new semester. I am in my 2nd year so I am a senior now :O It feels so weird to be a senior and having juniors under me..lolx..Haven really get to know them yet but looking forward to get to know them better :)
The first day of my new sem started yesterday. No class for the whole day but we have clinic spring cleaning and a short clinical orientation briefing. Spent the whole morning at the clinic therapy rooms arranging, labeling, and washing the toys and helped decorated the corridors a little :) After lunch, went for the briefing with our 3rd and 4th year seniors. Seriously, it's kinda scary to know that we have tons of things to do once we start having our own clients at the clinic. Thank God we will only have to deal with all that in our 3rd and 4th year. Phew!! But that doesn't mean we will be free in our 2nd year either. We have to grab hold of everything we learnt during these 2 years so that we can apply it once we enter the clinic and have our own clients to deal with. So for now, I will try my best to learn and know as much as I can and hopefully, i will find it easier when I enter my 3rd and 4th year later :)
Class officially starts at 2pm-5pm today so I am basically free for the whole morning. That's why I am blogging now..haha..Okay, I will just stop here for now. Feels like decorating my room now. Bye!!

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