Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First outing of the new sem...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
No class for the whole day today. Woots!!! :D Woke up at 10am and did the usual stuffs, bathed, breakfast, online. Received an sms from one of my coursemates a while later asking me whether i wanted to go out shopping since she and another coursemate of mine wanted to buy some things. Since i have no class and i'm a lil bored, I agreed :D. So, that's how 3 of us ended up in Sungei Wang Plaza..lolx
We stopped by this restaurant above for lunch as soon as we reached Sungei Wang. I ordered a plate of butter diced chicken rice & a bowl of corn + sago + herbal jelly dessert. When the food came, I was delighted coz it looks quite yummy. The disappointment came when I tasted the food. One word. Yucks!!! Both the rice & the dessert doesn't taste good at all. The sauce for the chicken don't even have a hint of buttery taste and it's spicy while the dessert was too sweet for my liking. The herbal jelly was super bitter too. After a few try, I feel like vomiting so i just stopped eating everything. I know that's wastage but I can't help it. I just couldn't put it in my mouth anymore :O Gosh!! It was awful and I am so dissatisfied. Maybe I just ordered the wrong dish coz my 2 coursemates seems okay with the dish they ordered ://
After lunch, we shopped for a couple of hours around Sungei Wang. I ended up buying nothing except some sushi for dinner but my 2 coursemates bought lotsa things :// Thank God we decided to come back earlier coz soon after we came back to our hostel, it started to rain so heavily. Imagine getting stucked at the monorail station or taking the cab in such a heavy rain :O It will be so troublesome and we are bound to get wet all over.
There goes another day again. Thursday is coming & so is Friday. Would probably be going back to my home sweet home this Friday :D Seriously, I missed home already :(
Oh ya, some of my juniors just came to my room a while ago to get my signature. I just finished bathing and received an sms telling me the juniors will be coming tonight and soon after i hear a knock on my door. Gosh!! That was fast!! I am not even ready yet :O Anyway, I think the session with them went pretty well. They got my signature very easy coz I am a nice senior..LOL :P
Okay, gonna study a little now or else I will be feeling guilty for the whole night :X Going to the cafe to celebrate one of my friend's birthday at 11pm later. Till then, bye!!

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