Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye home, Hello KL!!

Monday, July 26, 2010
Goodbye my home sweet home. Hello KL!! Yes, I am back to KL for university life :(
As usual, weekends at home was awesome. Stucked in a heavy traffic jam on the way home last Friday so i ended up reaching home late. Thank you daddy for always coming to fetch me whenever I wanted to go home. I just feel so blessed and lucky :) The journey was terrible. I just feel so restless sitting in the car for so long!! I hate traffic jams!! ugh!!
By the time I reached home, I was feeling so tired & kinda hungry,. Went out for dinner with daddy & mummy and went to my uncle's shop right after that. Finally got my new phone that night. It's Nokia E71 and it's white!! :D Spent the whole night exploring my new baby but till now I am still blur with the functions @@ Anyway, I love it!! It's pretty & the price is quite reasonable too!!^^
Saturday, woke up around 10am. Spent the whole morning transferring my stuffs from my old phone to my new phone. Pictures, videos, music, contacts...etc...It's really a lot and I haven't even finished transferring all till today :O Went for lunch at my grandma's place in the afternoon and then went down to JJ Bukit Tinggi to shop. Shop shop shop. Buy buy buy. Thank you Mummy for all the stuffs!! :D Tea time at starbucks. I had green tea frappucino + chocolate chips for the first time. It was light and pretty yummy :D Shopped till around 8pm and went to fetch my sister who just finished working. Had a simple dinner together at a chinese restaurant and headed home. The whole day was great but kinda tiring. Still, I enjoyed myself :)
Sunday, everything was pretty usual. Waking up early for church, came back and had breakfast together with the family :) Plan to do my assignment but realised I can't really do anything cause it's group work. We have yet to meet, yet to discuss and the deadline is getting near -__- I just hate the feeling when I want to get everything done ASAP but I can't zzzzZZZ Because of that, my mood went from feeling good to feeling down for almost the whole day.
No class for the whole day today so I came back in the afternoon just now. I can feel the surge of busyness once i stepped into my hostel. -________- It's a new week and it's gonna be a long one. Basically, I have classes + other activities everyday starting from tomorrow till Sunday!! :O Just hoping that everything will go smoothly and I will be able to enjoy and relax myself despite being busy. With God's guidance & blessing, I am sure I can go through any challenges or obstacles that might come my way :) Okay, that's all for now. Going out for the meeting in a while. Bye!! :D

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