Friday, July 16, 2010

I just have to believe I can do it & try my best in it :)

Friday, July 16, 2010
Had a short briefing with one of our lecturer at 9.30am this morning. She briefed us about what we will be doing for our clinical practice this semester. Just listening to the list of things we need to do makes us scared. Like really scared because after all, we are still quite new to this course. Basically, there will be a clinic session almost every week at Thursday, from 8am - 1pm. After that there will be a clinic PBL session where we have to discuss our observation results with our peers and write up a report on the session. We will be paired up with our 4th year seniors to assist them in their therapy session while learning at the same time. This way, we will be able to do some hands on skill instead of just observing what they do. Throughout the whole sem, we will be following the progress of a client. Evaluation will be done from 3 sides ; ourself, our peers and last but not least, our supervisor :O
Gosh!! All these sounds so scary to me. I am so nervous to start the clinical practice coz I feel like I am still blur with a lot of things. Or maybe I just lack the confidence that I can do it :// Our clinic is supposed to start next week but my group supervisor won't be around. So, we will be starting our clinic late which means we most probably have to replace our clinic session during the exam period :O But, we can still join other groups for their session next week. Well, the only thing I can do now is to equipped myself with all the things that I have learnt so far here before entering the clinic. Hopefully I will be able to overcome this challenge because the more challenging one is yet to come!!! :O
On the other note, I lost my timetable today. I still have it with me this morning when I went for the briefing but after coming back to my room, I realised I have lost it :( I thought I left it at class and called up some of my coursemates who are sitting with me just now but none of them saw it T__T So, i guess i will have to photostate it again -.-
On a brighter note, I am going back to my home sweet home today. Yay!!! I just need some time off at home before I start everything. I am still kinda free during the first week but after this, I am sure to get really busy with clinics, assignments, exams, college activities..etc..GOSH!! I can't even imagine the amount of stress coming but one thing for sure now, I am gonna relax for the weekend and prepare myself to face all the challenges ahead of me!! :) I just have to believe I can do it & try my very best!! ^^

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