Thursday, July 22, 2010

A long but fruitful day :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010
What a long day it is today!! :O Clinic session from 8am-1pm, followed by PBL session from 2pm-4pm & SPP class from 4-5pm. Phew!!! What a relief to finally end today!! Although I am tired & exhausted but still I feel great because I really feel that I gained a lot of new knowledge and things today :D
The thought of entering clinic was scary but after today, I am beginning to feel better already. Observed 3 full cases today. Two on hearing impairment & one on Speech & Language Delay. I did managed to watch a few cases on autism too and I can really see the difference between these few disorders. I think my group today was quite lucky to actually get the chance to go into the therapy room & help out our seniors during their session. We were supposed to play with the child client when our seniors were trying to get a case history from the parents. Mine was a 2 year old Malay boy with hearing impairment. He was soooooo cute!!! :D Got to know a lot of things while observing, helping out with the session & during the discussion at the end of all the session. No doubt it still felt pretty scary knowing that my turn will come later as part of my university life. I seriously don't know how well my own clinic sessions are going to be nor do I know how well I am going to perform but I know I will try my very best!! I am starting to understand this profession a little more and i just like the idea of how this profession is to help people :)
The PBL session was conducted by ourselves so i feel less pressured when i am talking about my clinic session with my other group members. I still got stucked once in a while when I am speaking in English or Malay thinking of what word to use but at least, I am not afraid to speak :) As the saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect. I believe that ^^
The first group presented their assignment during SPP class today. I am glad that I am able to understand what they were presenting and explaining. Maybe not all but most :D Now I am just hoping it will remain in my brain & I will not forget it =// The class was actually supposed to finish at 5pm but the lecturer extended it till almost 6pm -.- Went for dinner with my coursemates and got back to my room around 7pm :O
Anyway, I just feel awesome and happy today :) Another long day to go tomorrow. English class starting from 8am till noon and PKBK class from 2.45pm-5.30pm. Going home straight after class. Yes, I am going back to my home sweet home again this week...haha :P Double happiness!! :DDD

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Ann said...

Seeing is believing. Practice makes perfect.....seems to have a good day yesterday observing the clinical session. For once, the picture becomes clearer to you now of what you are supposed to do in this profession. It's always wonderful to help people and it's even more wonderful to see their progress. If u can be like that throughout your course, I am sure you can be a good speech therapist one day. When u concentrate, u r able to absorb and understand better, and when u understand u would be able to love what u r doing, hence everything would fall into place.

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