Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nice outings :)))

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Went to Ampang Lookout Point with a few friends last night. Had dinner overlooking the whole KL night view. It was beautiful!! What a nice environment to be in. The cooling weather makes it even better :) Too bad I didn't manage to take any nice shots of the view because of my camera :( All of it turned out looking so dark and blur :(((
Dinner at Panorama Restaurant. I had grilled salmon & soursop peach fruit shake (the bottom picture at the right side) The food was not bad but it was kinda expensive but I guess it's worth it with the beautiful view accompanying you while you eat :D
Took some pictures after dinner and that's about it!! Had a good time there ^^ A big thanks to all of them for willing to come all the way to KL for me. I truly appreciate it :)
Went to Times Square with two of my friends after class today. Watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice while we were there. It was not the best movie ever but still I enjoyed watching it. The movie reminded me of Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief actually..LOL The movie was at 12pm so we went for an early lunch at KFC. I was not feeling really hungry then so I just had some salad & orange juice. After the movie, I got myself a cup of black sesame ice-cream from Kindori. Costly but super yummy!! I always love Japanese ice-cream :D Definitely must try!! Shopped for a while after that. I bought nothing but my friends do. It always like that when I go out with my friends :// Finally, we had dinner at Gasoline cafe before heading back to our hostel. Butter fish & chips!! Oh yummy max!! :D
Enjoyed myself today but it was kinda tiring. I ate so many nice food these few days. Guilty max!!! >.<>
Okay, gotta get some things done now. Till then, bye!! :D

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