Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everything is gonna be alright. I sure hope so.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
It's National Day today but I got no particular mood. Most people are having fun outside there today but I am stucked here in my hostel, studying for my exam tomorrow...gahhhh..I am getting so tired of studying. I just can't wait for everything to be over to go back to my home, my family. I have not really been in a good mood these few days. Exam blues is just one part of it. There is another thing on my mind now. Something that is bothering me. I am trying my best to ignore and not care about it cause I think that's the best I can do now but somehow, it still comes into my mind very often :( Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. I sure hope so. I believe so.

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

My message for Malaysia =)
I am proud to be a citizen of Malaysia. I my country, Malaysia. Let's forget about racism and remember we are all Malaysians. No Malays, No Chinese, No Indians. Only Malaysians.That's what 1Malaysia concept means to me. Let there be peace. Happy Independence Day Malaysia!! :D
Well, there goes my 2 subjects. 2 papers down, 3 more to go. Don't ask me how was it cause you know what, I think I would feel better not talking about it =/
I encountered a small miracle yesterday or I would say a simple blessing. I feel God's presence =) Got up early in the morning to catch the 7.30am bus to campus. I was having my first paper at the campus hall and I forgot to bring my sweater along. The aircond in the hall was usually super duper cold and everytime I am there, I still feel cold even with my sweater on. So, I was saying to myself "Oh no, I forgot to bring my sweater!! I must be freezing while doing the exam later!!"
Miraculously, when I entered the hall today, it was not really that cold and my seat was at the first row, beside the wall which means I am not near the aircond. How lucky can I be right?? =D God showed me another miracle when my coursemate and I were a little worried we might have to wait for the bus for some time to get back to our hostel if we decided to go out to buy our lunch. We went anyway and when we came back, there was a bus waiting for us to hop on. Lucky again huh? =)
They are just small things and some people might not realised it but if you really paid attention to it, you will see that God does gives us miracles in our daily life in His own ways =)


Everyone is beautiful in their own way =D Believe that.
Dads are simply the best man a daughter can have in their life. I am lucky enough to have an awesome dad and I thank God for that =D You will always be my hero, my role model and I will always need you no matter how old I grown. Thank you for everything daddy, love ya lots =D
There are bound to be days where we make mistakes but don't worry, mistakes only makes us stronger. Learn from your mistakes instead on dwelling upon it. No matter what happens, life still goes on. So, be strong, be courageous and never ever give up =D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exam battle starts tomorrow so yeah, good luck all

Sunday, August 29, 2010
I am getting tired of nerding. The more I read, the more I am confused. Now, I am blur @@ My battle starts tomorrow. Or should i say my nightmare? =/
Anyway, I will be sitting for two different subjects tomorrow. To say that I am not worried at all is a lie. Of cause I am worried, of cause I am scared. I have studied but still I wonder whether it will be enough. Am I ready? Am I prepared? I should be by now.
I know how bad I want to do and score well in the exam this time but I am not sure whether I can. Somehow I just lack the confidence =/
Anyway, I am just going to try my best and give it my all in all the papers. I believe God will take care of the rest :) So, to everyone who is having exams starting from next week too, here's my wish for you "Good luck and all the best in your exams!! Try your best and leave the rest to God. Let's win the battle of exams together!! :D"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm busy being a nerd...grrrrrr!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Hello peeps!! Just to make sure my blog is not dead when i am nerding, I am updating my blog with a short post just to let you know that I am currently busy in being a nerd @@ Only study stuffs can have a place in my mind now :/
On the other note, I just got infected with the flu virus and I have no idea why I have tiny red spots appearing on my hands and legs -__- Please don't let me fall sick. I seriously cannot afford to be sick with exam just around the corner!!
Okay, that's all. Gonna continue nerding. Bye!! *In a dessert craving mode now* :O I wanna have dessert!!! =/

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nerding mode....

Thursday, August 26, 2010
It was not good. I am not satisfied. Anyway, I am just glad it's over. No more presentations for the time being!! weeeeee!! XD Finally, I can focus solely on my revision for my mid semester exam which starts next week!!! It's getting so near :O
My nerding mode officially starts tonight and it's going to last till I finished my exam next week =/ Gonna bury myself with books, notes...etc..Going to make everyday a productive day!!! Yes, I can!!!! :D Well, the truth is I must or else I will be dead in the exam hall later -.-
Kthxbye, that's all from me today. Gonna continue nerding.
In the meantime, follow me in Twitterland if you have one. Byeeeeeee!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinner, presentations and exams...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Just had my dinner a while ago. Chicken Murtabak & Potato Twister is the menu tonight. Yums!! :D Mad satisified with the meal but why must it be so high in fat and calories? Sigh :(
Anyway, I had presentation for time management today. I was actually pretty calm before the presentation but when it's my turn to talk, I suddenly became so nervous. My heart was pumping fast, I was trembling a little, I talked so fast I don't actually know what I am talking about ( I don't think the others understand what I am presenting too =/), and I just can't think of the word that I wanted to use -.- Gahhh!!! I guess I still haven't overcome my stage fright. I just hate public speaking where all eyes will be on me. It's like everyone is judging and looking at your every step -.-
On the other hand, next Monday will be the start of my mid semester exam. I have yet to really revise on every subject and that scares me =/ I just can't wait to finish my presentation tomorrow so that I can focus solely on my revision for my exam next week. Will be putting all assignments aside after tomorrow. Gotta concentrate fully on my revision for my midsem exam. I wanna score well this time!!! Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My university life? ://

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Came across this today. Anyone can relate to this? I know I can. This is soooooo me!!! :/

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cute Little Benji =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010
It's my cousin's puppy, Benji!! Cute isn't it? :D She had become a part of the family. I think everyone loves her especially all the kids!! Who can resist loving such a cute puppy right?? LOL It always makes me happy when I see her :D I love how she always runs to me when she saw me coming. I love touching and patting her soft, fluffy fur. But I am actually still afraid of carrying her and putting her on my lap. I guess I am scared I might hurt her because I can feel all her bones when I try carrying her. If feels so fragile :O On the other hand, it's the other way round. I am scared she might hurt me with her teeth or nails :/ I want to carry her next time around! Must take away the fear!! haha!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My addiction..

Saturday, August 21, 2010
My first addiction - Wang Lee Hom's latest song from his new album. I am sooooo in love with this song right now. Heard IT on the radio accidentally on my way back home yesterday and I am instantly hooked!! :O It's really nice!!! I lost count of how many times I had listen to this song since yesterday. All i know is that i kept repeating this song over and over again :P
Click HERE to listen to this song. I think those who like love or slow music will love this song, like me..haha..XD
My second addiction - Food!!!!!! Greeted with mummy's cooking as soon as i reached home last night. After dinner, I had yau char kuey + peanut soup for supper :O Woke up today and have some "kuih" for breakfast, lunch at grandma's place - a big plate of fried noodles, came back and had blueberry cheese ice-cream with cone :O An aunt of mine just gave my family a cake she baked and another aunt of mine just bought us some tarts. Going over to grandma's place for dinner later. I'm sure there will be nice food waiting for me again. Gosh!!! There's so much food to eat!! Feel guilty for eating so much but I am just addicted to eating -_- This explains why my diet plan never works. I am always tempted by food. How?? Can i eat as much as i can without getting fatter?? T__T

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a day :O

Thursday, August 19, 2010
One word to describe today : T.I.R.E.D
Clinic starts from 8am and ends at 2pm.
PBL session from 3-4pm followed by assignments discussion.
Having another meeting at 10pm later :O
I am really really tired today.
My concentration is definitely poor.
I don't think I absorbed much today -.-
Collapsed straight onto my bed right after I came back.
Nap for 2 hours straight. Feel so much better now :)
Second word for today : Inconsiderate.
I don't know why some people can be so inconsiderate.
Everyone have their own commitments, so please respect.
Thank you for making me speechless -.-
Third word for today : Respect.
Respect is to be earned.
Your attitude makes me lost the respect towards you.
So don't expect me to respect you when I think you don't deserves it.
One concept that I don't really understand : Don't you smile back automatically when people smile at you? Why can't some people do it? Is it so hard to even form a curve on your face? I seriously don't get it -.-
Tomorrow is gonna be another long and tiring day. Can't wait for it to end even before it starts!! :O Nevermind, just one more day. Going home right after class tomorrow. Just the thought of it makes me sooooooo excited now :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm a very happy girl today :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Shopped and ate at Pavilion after class today. Bought a pink nail polish from The Face Shop :) Went to Snowflakes for teatime and The Pancake House for dinner. What a guilty pleasure they both gave me :/ Anyway, it feels simply awesome to be able to take some time off from university life and release my stress a little :D Really enjoyed my time with my coursemate. I am a very happy girl today. Thank you Ying Yin for bringing me out!!! LOL
1...2...3 Poof!!! Back to reality. Gotta revise for my exam and finished my assignments. Going out for another group assignment discussion later. Please let everything go smoothly. Thank you!!!! Till then, bubbye!!! :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unhappy :(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I feel the surge of unhappiness surrounding me since last night. Woke up today hoping to feel better but no, I feel worse -.- Don't ask me why cause I don't even know where to start. It's a mixture of many things. All the things added up make me super unhappy and stress right now. There are so many things on my mind. My mood is down. I am feeling emo. I want to stop thinking. Maybe I am thinking too much. I don't know. I just wanna go back to my home sweet home NOW :(

Monday, August 16, 2010

and so, it's Monday again...

Monday, August 16, 2010
Hello Monday!! You are here again which means it's the start of another week. Oh my, that's so fast!!! My weekends ended just like that :O
3 hours of lecture continuously for the same subject this morning. One word : Torturing. It was impossible to absorb everything she taught us in that 3 hours all at once. I don't think anyone of us was able to concentrate for the whole 3 hours. As usual, i lose my concentration after an hour or so zzzZZ We don't even have much time to think and she will carry on teaching. My brain feels tired & saturated by the time she finished the lecture and till now, I still don't really understand what she taught us today -_-
Went straight to the faculty once our class ended. Had lunch with my coursemate, Ying Yin at a small stall at Chow Kit. The food was nice. Partly because I was super hungry that time..lol..Walked back to our faculty after lunch and we had ice-cream together. Kiwi ice-cream :D Enjoyed our ice-cream then headed to the library to search for some books regarding our assignment.
Musical club AGM + Audition at night. It was normal. Nothing special and i feel really bored. Just received all my other group member's part for my English sketch presentation this week. Got to edit, combine it all and send it back to them by tonight. So, till then, Bye!! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A feel good Sunday :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Nice relaxing Sunday. Finally, I have a day where I am free for the whole day. No lectures, no disturbances, only peace :D It feels great to be able to do things at my own pace instead of rushing everyday ^^
Had a nice bonding session with a friend of mine just now while having MCD. The new Grilled Chicken Burger tastes soooooooooooo damn good!!! Forgot to take a picture of it because I gobbled it up so fast..haha..Really enjoy the meal and company...Love it...hehe
Was walking around my hostel just now when I saw someone really familiar before i realised who it was. It's my PT dance instructor!!!! For those who don't know, PT stands for Pesta Tanglung. I was a dancer for this big event of UKM last year. Seeing her brings back so many memories ="( The tears, the sweat, the sweetness, the bitterness...ahhh...Somehow, i missed my days as a PT Dancer last year =/ Didn't get the chance to greet her just now because we were both busy with our own things to do..sigh..
Oh..it's almost 8pm. Going out to the cafe for English assignment discussion. I hope it end fast cause I still have lots to revise for my mid semester examination in 2 weeks. Bye!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i ♥ teddy :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010
Teddy bears. Extremely cute and huggable. Just looking at their pictures makes me happy automatically. They are definitely the best soft toy ever made!!! I am super duper in with them now!!! :D

=) ♥

Class at 8am today but woke up as early as 6 something to catch the 7am bus to my faculty. It was community service class so it was soooooo damn boring -.- Thank God the class finished earlier :D
Anyway, went straight to Times Square after that to buy cake + present for my coursemate's birthday today. Had brunch at KFC because my friend was so eager to have that. She is a KFC lover so she basically choose to eat KFC eveytime she's out =X So after brunch, we went searching for the gift. Ended up buying a cute pink with pig picture storage box + a card for her. Hope she likes it :)
Final stop before we go back ; Starbucks. Had coffee jelly frappucino while spending some time with my friends. It was so relaxing sitting at the comfy sofa, enjoying the coffee and the cool aircond. What a nice environment to be in. I feel like taking all my books there to study..LOL
Got back around 2 something and celebrated my coursemate's birthday at the cafe for a while. We actually planned to bring her out for a nice dinner but she ended up getting sick on her birthday..sigh..Hope she get well soon :)
Oh ya, I just had XXL Crispy Chicken from Taiwan Shihlin Snacks for dinner. Been craving it for some time and I finally had it today :D It's yummy but slightly spicy and it makes me feel sooo full now because of the big portion!! :O And i feel sleepy now -__-
It feels great to finally have more time for myself. Oh dear weekends, please pass slower would you? =X

Friday, August 13, 2010

In the end, it's the small things that make my day =)

Friday, August 13, 2010
Was feeling rather gloomy today. I hate waking up to the sound of my alarm especially when it's super early in the morning!! ugh!! I'm definitely not a morning person. Anyway, forced myself out of bed and got ready for English class. Had our sketch mock presentation today. No comments :/ After all groups had presented, came more assignments zzZZ That was just the first class of the day and I brought back 3 assignments with me :((( I think I have about 7-8 assignments now and almost all are due in a week or two :O
Lectures during the day, rushing for assignments @ college activities at night. That's basically how my life is now. Where on the earth is the time to study? Oh gosh!!! I'm always in a battle with time and unfortunately time always wins the battle :( NO!!!!!!! I must fight with time and win this time!!!! :X
Class ended around 5pm. Went to the cafe to buy some food and got back to my room. Then came the unexpected surprise. I received a surprise call from a best friend of mine when I am in matrix!! I haven't been in touch with her for some time cause we are both busy. It's so nice to chat with her. She always makes me feel good whenever I talk to her and she never fails to make me laugh everytime. Chatting with her on the phone brings back so many good memories we spent together during our time at matrix. It was short but we managed to become really close. We are the best of of friends and was like a pair of inseparable twins...haha..aww, i miss the moments so much!!! >.<>
Okay, back to university life. It's the weekend but I don't think it's going to feel like a weekend. Going out for musical club meeting at 8pm later. Class at 8am tomorrow. Meeting up for group assignment discussion tomorrow and Sunday night. Gosh!!! why i so busy one!! >.<
Anyway, I am trying to enjoy everything I am doing right now. I believe I can do things better if I enjoy it. Of cause, I hope i can do it -.- So may God bless me!! .....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wanna be free...

Thursday, August 12, 2010
I am yearning for nights where I am totally free after class. Without any meetings, discussion or other stuffs. I want a whole night all to myself. Yes, I am selfish..LOL..I want to be free the whole night so that i can do things better rather than rushing everything. So that i can study and finished everything I need to do without feeling guilty when i am off to bed. So that I will be able to do things at my own pace. Can i? :(
I can't wait for Sunday to arrive coz that's the only day this week that I will be free for the whole day :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something about life :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Good days. Bad days. It's all about the balance in life. You can't be happy all the time. Neither can you be sad all the time. Whatever happens, remember that it shall pass. Everyday is a new day to start something new =) Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Believe that going through all these will make you stronger. It's just a process of growing up. When the going gets tough, think "God is with me, every step all the way" :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

-No title- *cause I can't think of one* -__-

Sunday, August 8, 2010
The internet line is really testing my patience tonight. It's awfully slow and I can't even upload any photos. "Upload failed. Please try again" Got this countless time tonight -__- Fine, you win internet line. I am giving up on you. At this rate, I think it's impossible to upload anything. Nevermind, will try again tomorrow. Hope the line won't disappoint me again by then!!
On another note, yes, I am back to KL again. Had an awesome and fabulous weekend. Feeling so reluctant to come back actually. I wished it lasts longer :( Anyway, I still have to accept the fact that I am back to university life AGAIN -.-
Entering week 5 this week. Mid sem is on week 8. That means I have only 3 more weeks exactly to revise everything I have studied so far!! :O Assignments and college activities are starting to pile up too. Gotta find time for everything!!! Wish me luck!!! Cannot be lazy. Cannot procrastinate!!! =//
Okay, it's 12.11am. Heading to bed now. 3 hours of lecture straight in the morning from 9-12pm. Another class at 2.30pm-5pm tomorrow. Good night!! xoxo

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy days ♥.♥.♥

Saturday, August 7, 2010
I am surrounded with the feeling of happiness and awesomeness these few days. It all started on Thursday night. Spent a night at Cititel Hotel. Had dinner at Tony Roma @ Mid Valley on that night itself. Yummy max!! :D
Sister's convocation yesterday. Got up really early and literally spent half a day at UM. The weather was super hot but still I feel great :D. After her convo, we went for lunch at Sushi Tomo @ PJ with my relatives. Everyone was feeling super hungry by then. The food and place was really nice. My little cousin boy, Justin performed Nobody by Wonder Girls dance for us. Aww..he was so cute!! LOL Went for a studio photoshoot right after lunch at YS Photo Studio. My sister and I underwent a makeup session for it. I love it!!..hahaha..The shoot was fun and pretty funny because of all the pose the photographer asked each of my family member to do. Mine was....hmm...I don't really know how to describe..haha..Anyway, looking forward to see the photos soon!! :D Dinner with relatives again at night. I saw and got to taste the biggest lobster i have ever seen!! Woots!! woots!! Happy max!! :P
No electricity starting from 10am till about 4.30pm++ today. So, i literally spent the period of that time doing nothing =X Sister's graduation dinner at night. The food was once again great!! :D Oh no, i think i ate too much good and nice food again =X
Okay, that's all for now. Will try to upload the photos ASAP so stay tuned peeps!! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

There will be better days ♥

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Another day where everything seems to go wrong. I don't even want to think or say anything about it right now.
Yes, there will be better days. Today is just another day where things don't go right. In life, we are bound to have days like this but it will pass isn't it? Oh yes, it will :) Anyway, for now, I am just going to leave everything behind. Not going to think about it. Just gonna enjoy tonight to the max!! :P
Waiting for my family to come and fetch me now. They told me they will be arriving before 8pm so I guess they will be here in a bit :D Having dinner together later. I just can't wait to be with my family again. Miss them lots!! Excited max!! :DDD

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Untitled post :S

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Thank God I am feeling so much better now.
I can finally sleep well yesterday night.
I feel more energetic today :D
I don't even want to talk about today. I am just not happy :(
Shoo all those unhappy things & thoughts!!
I'm not gonna let you bring me down!! :D
On a brighter note, I am so looking forward to tomorrow night.
Will be heading straight to Mid Valley after I finished my class.
Staying at Cititel hotel for a night.
Sister's Convocation at UM on Friday :D
I can't wait....
- to spend time with my family again. Miss them lots!!
- to have some time off for myself.
- to get away from university life to recharge myself again.
- to enjoy my weekends at home.
Tomorrow's gonna be a long day before I can enjoy. Having clinic observation tomorrow, followed by clinic PBL session and class from 8am-5pm. It will be tiring for sure but the thought of me meeting up with my family and spending time together with them after class will be enough to get me through the day :D
Okay, bye!! Gonna get some things done now. Meeting up with my other group members for English assignment at 9pm & having an interview at 10pm. Sigh..I just feel so lazy to go for both. I just hate the feeling where I have something on every night after class. When will I have a night all to myself without anything on? D:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's not nice to be sick....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Woke up today feeling worse than ever. Slept for 9 hours ++ but still my stomachache and headache is not gone. Forced myself out of bed and went to class. Tried my best to concentrate although I was actually feeling rather awful. Right in the middle of the class, I suddenly felt like my body was warming up. At that moment, I just wished class ended fast. Class ended around 12 something. Had some chicken porridge for lunch, took some medicine and had a short nap.
Thank God I felt so much better after waking up. Went to class at 2pm thinking I have recovered but no, the pain came again after a while -_- Literally, I was actually trying to bear with the pain while the lecturer was teaching in front :O Well, I am still feeling a lil bit unwell now but i think it's much better compared to yesterday and this morning.
To be sick is just pure torturing. I'm sure nobody wants to feel that. Right now, I am just hoping for a speedy recovery. I cannot afford to be sick now with so many things for me to do. Having class from 8-5pm with only lunch break for tomorrow and Thursday. Sister's convocation on Friday. I seriously need to get well soon.
Okay, I am going to nap for a while again. The stomachache is killing me!! Please stop or else I think I might go crazy -______-

Monday, August 2, 2010


Monday, August 2, 2010
I was feeling great yesterday but not today. 3 hours lecture continuously for the same subject makes my brain really tired. I lose my concentration after maybe about 1 hour or so. The lecturer asked me a question and I was unable to answer. Honestly, that makes me feel bad. I should at least tried but I just can't think of anything to say at that moment..sigh..I'm just really tired.
I guess a part of it is due to me not sleeping well yesterday night. I went to sleep about 1am yesterday night but I just couldn't fall asleep. Kept rolling around on my bed and when i looked at the time, it was already 2am :O For almost the whole night, I feel like vomiting and my stomach don't feel good. I have no idea why. Maybe I ate something wrong..hmm..
My stomach still feel unwell and now, I have one more addition..headache -.- Wanna study but I have got no mood at all. I am tired both mentally and physically. I just don't feel that good today. Hoping for tomorrow to be a better day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello August!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Twitter is currently down for planned maintenance.
We expect to be back in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.
Okay, so basically Twitter is down for some maintenance thingy, so I can't tweet for a few hours zzzZZ Well, at least it's not the whale picture. I just hate seeing that =X Somehow, I think I am officially a twitter addict already. Tweeting is fun!! haha :P Follow me if you haven't HERE!!! :D
Okay, enough of Twitter. Gonna talk a little bit about today. Oh..before that, Hello August!!! You are here!! :D Gosh..Time really flies :O There's still 24 hours in a day but somehow I feel that time pass super fast since I started my 2nd year -.-
Anyway, started my 1st of August with my department's Interaction Day in the morning. I would say it was quite a success. Personally, I think everyone enjoyed and have fun just now. Our sporting lecturers make it even better because they were willing to participate in the games with the students as well..LOL Everything was good except the hot scorching sun part =X Got back around 12pm. I was feeling kinda tired & sleepy so I ended up napping for 3 1/2 hours =X
It's almost 5pm and I still have tons of things to be done. Gotta wash my tons of clothes and bath before going out for a CF prayer meeting at 6pm later. Later at night, I will be having a short interview for a club. Gonna do some revision after I finished my interview. Let's just hope there will be no more disruptions tonight. I seriously need to study more cause I don't wanna feel guilty anymore!! =X
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