Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Class at 8am today but woke up as early as 6 something to catch the 7am bus to my faculty. It was community service class so it was soooooo damn boring -.- Thank God the class finished earlier :D
Anyway, went straight to Times Square after that to buy cake + present for my coursemate's birthday today. Had brunch at KFC because my friend was so eager to have that. She is a KFC lover so she basically choose to eat KFC eveytime she's out =X So after brunch, we went searching for the gift. Ended up buying a cute pink with pig picture storage box + a card for her. Hope she likes it :)
Final stop before we go back ; Starbucks. Had coffee jelly frappucino while spending some time with my friends. It was so relaxing sitting at the comfy sofa, enjoying the coffee and the cool aircond. What a nice environment to be in. I feel like taking all my books there to study..LOL
Got back around 2 something and celebrated my coursemate's birthday at the cafe for a while. We actually planned to bring her out for a nice dinner but she ended up getting sick on her birthday..sigh..Hope she get well soon :)
Oh ya, I just had XXL Crispy Chicken from Taiwan Shihlin Snacks for dinner. Been craving it for some time and I finally had it today :D It's yummy but slightly spicy and it makes me feel sooo full now because of the big portion!! :O And i feel sleepy now -__-
It feels great to finally have more time for myself. Oh dear weekends, please pass slower would you? =X

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