Friday, August 13, 2010

In the end, it's the small things that make my day =)

Friday, August 13, 2010
Was feeling rather gloomy today. I hate waking up to the sound of my alarm especially when it's super early in the morning!! ugh!! I'm definitely not a morning person. Anyway, forced myself out of bed and got ready for English class. Had our sketch mock presentation today. No comments :/ After all groups had presented, came more assignments zzZZ That was just the first class of the day and I brought back 3 assignments with me :((( I think I have about 7-8 assignments now and almost all are due in a week or two :O
Lectures during the day, rushing for assignments @ college activities at night. That's basically how my life is now. Where on the earth is the time to study? Oh gosh!!! I'm always in a battle with time and unfortunately time always wins the battle :( NO!!!!!!! I must fight with time and win this time!!!! :X
Class ended around 5pm. Went to the cafe to buy some food and got back to my room. Then came the unexpected surprise. I received a surprise call from a best friend of mine when I am in matrix!! I haven't been in touch with her for some time cause we are both busy. It's so nice to chat with her. She always makes me feel good whenever I talk to her and she never fails to make me laugh everytime. Chatting with her on the phone brings back so many good memories we spent together during our time at matrix. It was short but we managed to become really close. We are the best of of friends and was like a pair of inseparable twins...haha..aww, i miss the moments so much!!! >.<>
Okay, back to university life. It's the weekend but I don't think it's going to feel like a weekend. Going out for musical club meeting at 8pm later. Class at 8am tomorrow. Meeting up for group assignment discussion tomorrow and Sunday night. Gosh!!! why i so busy one!! >.<
Anyway, I am trying to enjoy everything I am doing right now. I believe I can do things better if I enjoy it. Of cause, I hope i can do it -.- So may God bless me!! .....

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