Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
My message for Malaysia =)
I am proud to be a citizen of Malaysia. I my country, Malaysia. Let's forget about racism and remember we are all Malaysians. No Malays, No Chinese, No Indians. Only Malaysians.That's what 1Malaysia concept means to me. Let there be peace. Happy Independence Day Malaysia!! :D
Well, there goes my 2 subjects. 2 papers down, 3 more to go. Don't ask me how was it cause you know what, I think I would feel better not talking about it =/
I encountered a small miracle yesterday or I would say a simple blessing. I feel God's presence =) Got up early in the morning to catch the 7.30am bus to campus. I was having my first paper at the campus hall and I forgot to bring my sweater along. The aircond in the hall was usually super duper cold and everytime I am there, I still feel cold even with my sweater on. So, I was saying to myself "Oh no, I forgot to bring my sweater!! I must be freezing while doing the exam later!!"
Miraculously, when I entered the hall today, it was not really that cold and my seat was at the first row, beside the wall which means I am not near the aircond. How lucky can I be right?? =D God showed me another miracle when my coursemate and I were a little worried we might have to wait for the bus for some time to get back to our hostel if we decided to go out to buy our lunch. We went anyway and when we came back, there was a bus waiting for us to hop on. Lucky again huh? =)
They are just small things and some people might not realised it but if you really paid attention to it, you will see that God does gives us miracles in our daily life in His own ways =)

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Ann said...

yes, these are the little things that some people fail to notice. Be more alert and you would see the wonder of God working on us all the time. God is great!

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