Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Thank God I am feeling so much better now.
I can finally sleep well yesterday night.
I feel more energetic today :D
I don't even want to talk about today. I am just not happy :(
Shoo all those unhappy things & thoughts!!
I'm not gonna let you bring me down!! :D
On a brighter note, I am so looking forward to tomorrow night.
Will be heading straight to Mid Valley after I finished my class.
Staying at Cititel hotel for a night.
Sister's Convocation at UM on Friday :D
I can't wait....
- to spend time with my family again. Miss them lots!!
- to have some time off for myself.
- to get away from university life to recharge myself again.
- to enjoy my weekends at home.
Tomorrow's gonna be a long day before I can enjoy. Having clinic observation tomorrow, followed by clinic PBL session and class from 8am-5pm. It will be tiring for sure but the thought of me meeting up with my family and spending time together with them after class will be enough to get me through the day :D
Okay, bye!! Gonna get some things done now. Meeting up with my other group members for English assignment at 9pm & having an interview at 10pm. Sigh..I just feel so lazy to go for both. I just hate the feeling where I have something on every night after class. When will I have a night all to myself without anything on? D:

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