Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoyable day @ KLCC

Friday, September 10, 2010
Went to the Bookfest @KLCC with my uncle, aunt and cousins today. It was my first time there so I was feeling pretty excited :D
Had bah kut teh for breakfast with them before heading down to KLCC. We reached there around 11am if I am not mistaken and we went straight to the book fair. Surprisingly, I can enter F.O.C despite I am over 18 O_O I guess they thought I am still under 18 so I don't have to pay for the entrance fee. this considered a good or bad thing?? -.-
Well, I think I would just consider myself lucky cause I don't have to pay =P I guess that's the advantage of looking younger than my age..haha!! XD Anyway, I had fun at the bookfair today although it was really crowded with people everywhere I go. There were so many books I couldn't decide which to buy at first. I feel like grabbing and buying all the novels I saw =/ In the end, I bought one of the Twilight series ; Breaking Dawn, some children storybooks, colour pencils and crayons to be used for my clinic practical later :) and it's all under RM100!! It's so worth it!!! I'm really satisfied :D
Madam Kwan's Restaurant for lunch. I had Nasi Lemak & Sago Gula Melaka :) The taste was just okay but anyway, it managed to make my hungry stomach really full :) Shop a little bit after lunch and we went into a bookshop again. Yes, we did -.- It's called Kinokuniya, a company from Japan if I am not wrong =/ Bought Cleo Magazine & a Hello Kitty file there. The Hello Kitty file was actually quite expensive but I bought it anyway cause it was love at first sight =P There goes my money again. Gone money gone =/
Anyway, overall, I still spent less than RM100 for everything I bought today. That's a personal achievement for me..haha!! =P Today was fun. I really enjoyed myself a lot :) Another fun day awaits me tomorrow. Gonna shop, eat and then going for Phua Chu Kang the movie @ JJ Bukit Tinggi. Weeeeeee!!! XD
Oh ya, I do have photos but I am feeling super duper lazy to transfer & upload it. So no photos this time =/
Okay, gotta try completing some of my assignments now before my holidays end without me realising it =/ Bubbye!!


cysquare said...

i saw the hello kitty file in kinokuniya too. it cost a lot mouth was'o' when i saw it, immediately put it back.haha.

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Yalo, it's really expensive ar!! But still i bought it coz i love it so much. No regrets..haha.. Anyway, if it's cheap, u will buy meh? I don't think u'll buy a hello kitty file wor..lolx

cysquare said...

of cuz no la, i was looking a gift for my friend, other patterns also quite nice and different than usual. but really o.O

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