Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm tired...just tired...

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Assignments oh assignments, when will you stop bothering me? :( I seriously don't like you. Not even a bit so please go away from me would you? Sigh ="( Assignments are piling up despite the fact that finals is a few weeks away. Everyday is more about rushing assignments rather than revising for my finals. As though the amount of assignments we have now is not enough, our lecturer surprised us with another one today. Great. Just great. Now I have another assignment on my list -.-

It is tough & stressful having to learn so many concepts and theories all at once. Remembering is a thing. Understanding is another thing. Sometimes, I feel so tired I wanted to just give up cause that's the easiest option. Studying suffocates me sometimes. Attending lectures, assignments, revision...ughh!! To be honest, I think I would prefer doing some hands-on skill rather than just studying my books & notes. One part of me can't wait to enter the clinic for clinical practice despite having many seniors and lecturers telling us that clinical years are scary. Of cause I am nervous about it cause I seriously think I still don't have a strong foundation on all the concepts and theories I have learnt so far. But on the other hand, I am looking forward to try having my own client to treat. All these while it's just observing. It can be pretty boring at times but I think that won't be the case when I am the one doing it.

Life is not all about studies. There is more to it. Studies is just a part of life. An important part. So try your best people. Grab hold and learn as much as you can during your precious study life cause that's the best time. I'm sure working life will be much different from study life. Much much different.

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Ann said...

You don't have to wait for exam to study. Doing assignments are part of studying. If you stay focus and do all your assignments well, half the battle is won. Don't have to study much during exam period. Remember, not only study hard but study smart.

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