Monday, September 13, 2010

My bestie ❤

Monday, September 13, 2010
Went to the newly-opened Ice Room at my hometown with my bestie last Thursday for some chitchatting & bonding session :) Haven't met her for quite some time so it was nice to finally meet her and talked like how we used to :)
I had Peanut-flavoured ice. She had Mango-flavoured ice. Looks yummy but not as tasty as I expected it to be and it's quite pricey. Kinda disappointed but who cares, we got each other's company :)
She is my bestie for like 13++ years. Known her since I am in Standard 1 till now and we were the best of friends ever since. We were in the same school, same class from Standard 1 till Form 5 and the same goes with our sisters too!! Wow!! :O She is one girl that understands me the most besides my family, a girl that I can talk anything too. No words can describe how happy I am to have a friend like her. Even more glad that our friendship still remained strong even when we are separated :) I am truly one blessed and lucky girl :) Friendship forever :D

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