Sunday, September 5, 2010

Post exam Mania ♡

Sunday, September 5, 2010
~Pavilion Day 1~
Snowflakes!!! One of my coursemate and I was craving for this so badly so that's our first stop right after our last paper!! :D
Dinner at MOF Japanese Cafe. The food there was awesome!!! max!!!
~Pavilion Day 2~
We stopped by Shabu One Steamboat Buffet Restaurant @ Lot 1o for lunch before we head to Pavilion..yes, AGAIN!!! =P
Saw this National Geographic frame @ Lot 10. Can't resist to take a picture in the frame!! LOL Do i look like a doll here? =/
Took photos with anything nice. Haha...
Saw them right after we enter Pavilion. They were so damn cool!!! So happy to get to take a picture with them...lolx..XD
Shop!! Shop!! Shop!! Nichii, Forever 21....etc I most of the dresses I tried on but it was soooo expensive!!! T_T
Went to have a taste of this popular Japanese Crepe. The shop was sooooo cute!! I love the crepe display a lot!!! :D
TADA!! Here's my crepe!! Strawberry with fresh cream and ice-cream. I personally think it was overrated. The taste was just so so. Pretty normal and typical kind of crepe. It was not really that yummy as I expected it to be so I was kinda disappointed. Cost me so much some more T__T
Ended my day 2 with Subway Sandwich for dinner. Yums!! :D
Okay, I shall end my post with a few camwhore pictures of me..haha!! It's been quite some time since I camwhore okay?? =P

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