Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be a part of ChurpChurp today!!! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Ever wonder what is ChurpChurp? I assumed those who are Nuffnangers will be familiar with it as it's part of the Nuffnang Community. Or not, I think most will recognised it by their logo. A cute blue bird with huge adorable eyes!! Just like the one below :D

Aww..isn't it cute?? :)
Okay, for those who still don't know what it is, dread not, let me explain :) ChurpChurp is a Social Media Solutions Community that rewards you for  your updates about them on Facebook and Twitter. In simple words, you can earn up to RM100 just by posting updates on your Facebook and Twitter account!! How easy is that? That is like super awesome don't you think? :D

By the way, you don't have to be a blogger to be a part of ChurpChurp like Nuffnang. You just need to have an active Twitter or Facebook account and that's it!! As simple as that :) I am pretty sure most of us will have at least a Facebook account, if you don't have a Twitter so why not earn some money just by helping ChurpChurp post some updates?  It's just like posting your usual updates but getting paid for doing it. How great is that? :D

Tempted to join ChurpChurp now? Then follow these 3 simple steps to be a Churper [that's what they call you when you are a member of ChurpChurp]

1) Visit and sign up to be a member.
2) Authorize your Twitter @ Facebook account.
3) Wait for your assignment and start earning!! :D

Wait!!! What's more with ChurpChurp? ChurpChurp, like Nuffnang will be organising some events once in a while for all Churpers to join, just like the recent Fly Kite Day. I personally haven't attended any before due to transportation problem but would really hope to join it someday!! :) Just hope ChurpChurp can organise some events nearer to my place so that we Churpers here too get to experience going for a ChurpChurp event. An event around Titiwangsa Lake, Times Square or Pavilion perhaps? :)

So what are you waiting for??? I am officially a Churper now so join me and be a part of ChurpChurp today!! You got nothing to lose!! Just gain!! Let's make ChurpChurp community bigger and bigger!! :)

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