Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blissful ♥

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A cup of coffee from Starbucks to start off my day. Mocha Frappucino is what I chose today.

Watched Eat.Pray.Love. A simple movie about a woman on the quest in finding herself back. She went to Italy to EAT and indulge in all the good food, PRAY@ meditate in India and at last, she found LOVE in Bali. The whole movie is just full with peace and calmness. To be honest, I found it quite inspiring. I feel as though I can be like her too. A strong, independent woman is what I want to be. If I have the chance to travel around the world, meet different people and see the world from a different perspective, I will definitely do it. Maybe Eat.Pray.Love can be my life philosophy now..LOL..Well, why not right? It sounds pretty good to me...haha =P

 "Treat everyone that came into your life as a teacher. Everyone is here to teach us something, good or bad". I love this particular quote. Well, this is from the movie but I edited it a bit here and there. LOL
Ended my day with a cup of Baskin Robbin's Ice-cream. Since it's pink day today,  it's much cheaper  and it's berry yummy!!! :)

Indeed, today was a rather blissful day. Simply heaven :)

 I'm proud that I took the step that I never thought I would be doing today. It was only just a thought all these while and now it's a personal achievement :)

Okay, back to reality. Revision and assignments to be done zzzZZ  Bubbye!!!!!! 

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