Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rantings :/

Sunday, October 31, 2010
My exam is gonna be over, in like erm..18 hours from now? :D Last paper tomorrow and it's a subject I am dreading. Results I got for this subject during my mid-semester exam was not very encouraging. The truth it, it's the worse grade I got out of all the subjects. So yeah, I am pretty much worried about tomorrow's paper. Just hoping I will be able to do well in it tomorrow. Pleaseeeeeee!!

No doubt, I love the fact that exam is gonna be over tomorrow but I hate the fact that I still have an assignment to complete after my exam. Duh!!! -.- Anyway, gonna enjoy my freedom first before I start with the assignment. Well, I already started a little bit so I do hope that I will be able to finish it all real fast. I am pretty sure I will be going out with my coursemates tomorrow. Movie + a nice meal perhaps :)

On the other note, guess what happened during my lunch today? I broke part of my tooth while eating which I don't know how it happens -.- Was enjoying my lunch when I suddenly feel like I was chewing something hard, some sort like a pebble :/ Spit it out and found that it's a small part of one of my tooth at the back O.O So yeah, now that tooth of mine is like erm...3/4 left because 1/4 of it is broken? =.= Gotta pay a visit to the dentist when I am home. Seriously praying that they don't tell me I have to extract the whole tooth out. Oh Dentist, please, please, please save my tooth =/

By the way, my hostel wifi is seriously driving me crazy. The speed, the connection...ugh!! MUST DEFINITELY GET MYSELF A BROADBAND NEXT SEMESTER!!!

Okay, enough of ranting. Gotta get back to my books and notes!! Forgive me for the rants okay? LOL Wish me lotsa luck in my last paper tomorrow!!! I need lotsa lotsa lotsa LUCK!!!!!!! :/

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