Friday, October 29, 2010

Recharged myself :)

Friday, October 29, 2010
It's exam-free day yesterday, since it's already pass 12am
Thank God I got no exam yesterday cause the 3 days of exams continuously is wearing me out.
It's just nice to be able to rest for a while so that I can recharge myself to fight for the exam again :)
Managed to revise for the next two subjects I am sitting for, so I am calling it a productive day :)
One paper today (Friday), another one on Saturday.
After that, it's exam-free day again before my last paper on Monday :)

Geeeeezzz..I just can't wait for my exam to be over next Monday.
Will surely be heading out right after exam for sure!! LOL
I should be free by next Monday but unfortunately, I am not.
One more assignment to be completed before I am really free.
Going back to my home sweet home on 3/11.
Assignment is due at 5/11 so gonna complete it all by 2/11 =)

I believe it's all God's plan. God is working :)
Imagine if my exam was not brought forward and it ends at 8/11.
I will only have 2 options. First, I have to complete my assignment before my exam starts.
Second, I have to complete it during my exam week because it's due at 5/11.
Now, since my exam is brought forward, my exam officially ends at 1/11.
That means I can do my assignment after my exam which i believe will make me concentrate more since exam is over by then. What a perfect timing don't you think? :)

Wheeeeeee!!!! Counting days to home now :) I miss everything and everyone at home!!!!!!!

Pray and wish me luck for my remaining 3 papers!! :)

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