Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blah blah blah

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Okay, basically I have no idea what to blog about so I guess I will just be rambling whatever that comes to my mind..haha!! So here I am, in another week of my holidays. Sadly, my holidays are mostly spent staying at home :( No transport to go out and everyone is busy. Others are still not on their holidays yet. Mine is the earliest among all I guess :/ So, what have I been doing? 

1) Sleep. My biological clock is basically all over the place now. Going into bed late and waking up late. I guess my bed is getting too comfy and it's refusing to let me go early in the morning..haha!! Even if I set my alarm to wake up early in the morning, I press the off button and continue with my sleep -.-

2) Eat. Nomnomnom. So many yummy food at home tempting me. How to not become fat you say? T_T Seriously, must control!!! I don't wanna be a fei po at the end of my holidays T__T

3)  Online. Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr, Email, Online drama...That's basically what I do when I am online. I am starting to get bored getting online though :/ Came across Innit Chat lately. Nice place to chat and get to know more people. Still, I feel weird because I am a newbie there and it seems like everyone there have already known each other for some time. So yeah, I am still trying to fit in :/ 

4) Watch TV. Laying on the couch, remote on one hand, handphone on the other is simple bliss! Pretty much watching whatever interesting I come across while browsing through the channels. Not much nice movies or dramas to watch lately though :(

That's basically how my day goes. I feel so lifeless and bored -.-

Okay, there's actually another thing I wanna accomplish this holiday. That is none other than STUDY!!!! Need to prepare as much as I can now before my second semester starts!! Will be getting my first client which is making me pretty nervous already :O I need to equipped myself with enough knowledge for it! 

But sigh...Reference books just don't see me eye to eye. I can have a high spirit to study but once I open my book and start reading, I become bored =/ So i ended up doing other things that interest me more -.- I think i am infected with the lazy and procrastination virus already -.-

I seriously can't wait for others to have their holidays then I can at least start hanging out instead of home!! Not because I don't like being at home but I just need some time out too. I don't wanna rust at home :/

Blah blah blah..enough of ranting. Although it's boring, but still I did enjoy my relaxing time at home :)

To end my post, here you go my followers!! Whether you follow me on twitter, my blog or anywhere, this is for you....

Haha...this post is so random and full of nonsense. I am basically crapping -.- I guess this is the effect of being bored :/ Kthxbye. That's all for now.


Bean said...

you seems like vy bored there....
cheer up girl!!!

wishing for your visit~~

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Yes, I am freaking bored here T_T

Thanks..will visit u back! :)

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