Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fooooooooood :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Hello readers!! I'm back!!! :) Sorry for neglecting my blog for a few days. Been feeling super lazy to blog :/ Checked my number of hits yesterday and found out my number of blog readers dropped quite a lot due to my lack of updates T__T So I promise myself I must blog today!!!!! haha!!

Okay, this is going to be a pretty random post as well. Was thinking of what to blog last night and suddenly, something struck my mind while watching TV; food. Yes, I can blog about food!! :D So this post gonna be all about food, all my faves!!!! :D

Caution : Don't read when you are hungry :P

So here is my number 1 fave. My all time favourite food ; Cheeseeeeeee!! 

I am freaking cheese lover. Love everything cooked with cheese. Everytime I am out, I would usually choose an item from the menu cooked with cheese unless I don't have feel like having cheese that day. Although I love cheese, I am not really a big fan of cheese cake though. Cheese cake is nice but still I prefer cheese when it's cooked. Imagine melting cheese in your mouth...Oh heaven!! 

OMG!!!! Look at the amount of cheese!!!!!! Is your mouth-watering now? XD

Okay, enough of cheese. My next fave food would be ; Sushi!!!!

Like cheese, i am a freaking sushi lover too!! Love sushi freaking much, I would never get bored of it EVER!!   Everytime I am out with my family, when Dad ask what to eat, I would say sushi. This goes on until the extend my mum say ; No, not sushi again today! Try something new!! LOL

Yes, Me love sushi!!!! XD

I don't know why but sushi just taste so damn good. The first time I tried it, I was not really fond of it but then I have no idea how and when it started to be my favourite food!! haha!! I tried Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei, Yo! Sushi, Sushi Zanmai etc And my must have everytime I visit a sushi restaurant is..........

BABY OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!! Oh yums!! This tastes soooooooooooo damn good. Love the texture, love the taste :) 

Next on, is my fave meat. My fave red meat is none other than mutton/lamb while my fave white meat is cod fish!!

Lamb shanks!! The two lamb shanks I had tasted before so far is from Secret Recipe & Castell. They both tastes pretty good. I bet most know Secret Recipe. On the other hand, Castell is a western restaurant & bar located somewhere in PJ. Sorry, I forgot the exact place so I can't direct you there -.- Google it, I think you will find the address :)

Lamb Chops!!!! It depends on how well it is cooked. Some are not well cooked enough that I had trouble chewing & cutting. Some have a lot of fat meat and I ended up eating only a few pieces of lean meat =.=

Cod Fish. Steamed, Fried, Grilled...No matter how it is cooked, it still tastes really good. Love the smooth texture of the meat :) I usually have it steamed or fried with chicken stock + soya sauce poured on it. The Asian style :)

Enough of the meat, let's move on to vegetables! :)

Well, I don't know what exactly this is called in English but in the Hokkien dialect, we called it "Mani Chai" or if translated "Money Vegetable" LOL It's serve best when it's stir fry with eggs and dried shrimps. You know what, I could eat this just with plain white rice. Simple nice dish! :)

Potatoes!! Another fave of mine. Fried, steamed, baked..Any way it is cooked, I just love it :D 

But my fave among all the way it is served would be cold potato salad. Uber yummy!!!! All you have to do it boil the potatoes, cut it and then mix it with mayonaisse or anything you want ; onions, cilantro..etc And TADA!! Yummy potato salad all ready to eat! :D

Another super fave of mine is Salted Egg!!! But I prefer eating the yolk compared to the whites :D Love everything cooked with salted egg yolk too!!! Crab cooked with salted egg, fried pumpkin with salted egg, mantis prawn with salted egg. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!

See how delicious these look!!!!!!!! Don't you want a try? :D

Okay, enough of main dish. It's time for fruits and dessert!!!!! :D

My favourite fruit of all would be.........


And MANGOES!!!! *provided it's sweet* LOL I love preserved mangoes too!! :) Just cut those unripe mangoes and soaked it in vinegar + sugar + cili padi *optional. Leave it overnight in the fridge and tada, it's ready to eat!! :)

Okay, so what's the one fruit I would never ever eat nor touch? It's none other than the King Of Fruits!!

Durian!!!!! Ewwwwwwwww....I hate the smell whatmore the taste =/ Okay, sorry to all durian lovers but I am seriously anti-durian..hahaha XD This explains why in my family, I am the only one who don't eat durian..LOL

Bread pudding. Oh yums!! This one is from Delifrance. Tastes pretty good :)

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Original one tastes the best!!!! Nomnomnom.

Last but not least, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream!!! Taste the one from Baskin Robbins!!!!! It's the best!!! :D

Okay, I think that brings an end to my post today. If I were to continue, I seriously don't know how long it will be..haha..So I will just stop here. Hope you enjoy reading!!!!! :)

Hungry much now? :P


fengshuicentral said...

Reading you new post makes me hungry =p

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Told ya you will feel so at the beginning of my post:P

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