Monday, November 29, 2010

Last weekend :)

Monday, November 29, 2010
Just a simple update about my weekends :)

Went to JJ Bukit Tinggi again last Saturday to shop. Ended up buying pretty much nothing -.- But it's good in a way cause that means I save my money!! LOL

Christmas is fast approaching so yeah, almost every shopping mall is decorated with Christmas trees to make it feel all err...Chrismas-y? *okay, I created this word myself* :/ 

Anyway, here are a few snapshots of the Christmas decor I took that day :) I don't know why but I kind of have a habit of taking slanting photos instead of taking it straight. Maybe because it look better that way..haha!!

And here's another slanting photo..haha!! Finally got to try Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. It feels just heavenly drinking it. Love it max!! :)))


Yesterday was another typical Sunday. Woke up early for church morning service. Got back around 9 something, had my breakfast then headed back to church for bible study :) 

Lunch with the family at the newly-opened Pak Li Kopitiam at my hometown.

My snowy ice strawberry. The taste was just so-so. Nothing special.

My mee mamak. This was delicious!! :D


On the other note, I can't believe today is the second last day of November already! One more day and the last month of the year 2010 will be here :O Which also means my holidays are ending soon and the one thing I dreaded the most is coming, the day my exam results are coming out X_X *praying hard that it won't be that bad*  Seriously, the subjects for this semester are kinda tough..sigh :(


Albert said...

I crave the food you posted up there la. SO hungry now.....

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Oops..sorry!! =P

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