Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Woke up at 9am today. It has been some time since I last woke up at home so it feels awesome when I finally got the chance to do it again :) I don't usually wake up this early during my holidays since I am not a morning person. Yes, I consider 9am to be early..haha..Today however is an exception. Woke up early just because I have to pay a visit to the dentist :/ Went to get a haircut before visiting the dentist to trim my fringe. Loving it now..hehe..Reached the dentist clinic at 10am..Waited for 1 hour before my name got called & all I get is a consult today -_________-

The dentist gave me two options. One : To patch up the part where my tooth is broken. Two : To do crowning. Of cause, the second option is the better choice cause it will be more lasting do crowning for one tooth costs RM650. RM650!!!!!!! O.O The first option is more like an easy solution to the problem now but I might be facing the same problem again cause the patching might not last. So which do I choose now?? I have no idea at all. My next appointment will be on the 24th which is like 3 weeks from now. 3 weeks to think of which option to choose. That is more than enough :/ Oh Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Totally true. I would never get bored to return to my home. NEVER EVER!! :D Home has always been my comfort place and nothing feels better than being home :) Reached home yesterday for my 1 month plus semester break and all I feel is peace, love, comfort and warmth as soon as I stepped in :D


Oh yeah!! Grey's Anatomy season 7 is out!!!! Woots!! Found some great links to watch it free online. Just finished two episodes :) Here's one of the link if you feel like watching it too!! Enjoy!! ^^

By the way, I will be away from tomorrow till Sunday. Going on a vacation with my family & relatives @ Cameron Highlands :) There will be around 16 of us altogether. Ahh..I love family gatherings :) Okay, gonna go start packing now. Leaving first thing in the morning tomorrow. Daddy say we will be departing from home at 6am to avoid traffic jam due to Deepavali. Yes, 6 in the morning!! Which means I have to wake up at 5 something to get ready. So early >.< Anyway, I am looking forward to the trip. Gonna enjoy to the max!! :D

Okay, this is a pretty random post. It's a little messy with a little bit about this, a little bit about that which are not even related...haha..But whatever, I just feel like blogging before I leave so enjoy reading my long post ya!! :P

Oh ya, before I forget, it's Deepavali tomorrow so Happy Deepavali to my Indian friends & all Indians around the world who are celebrating!!!! Dinner at daddy's Indian friend place tonight. It's like a tradition every Deepavali cause he will always invite us to his house during the festival. Nice!! :) 

kthxbye <3


melmonica said...

Walau, do crowning got so exxy? T__T At last, what did you choose?

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...'s that expensive T_____T Erm...I haven't make my decision yet :/

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