Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yay!!!!! :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yay!!! Exam is over!! This feeling is finally starting to sink into me. Although my exam actually ends on Monday, I don't really feel the excitement all over me :/ I guess partly is due to the fact that I still have an assignment to complete and another part, the exam was kinda hard and I don't think I did well..sigh :( Anyway, not gonna worry about the results now. Tried my best and gonna leave the rest in God's hand. *praying hard that I don't fail  and I can reach my target pointer* 

Went out straight to Mid Valley right after my exam ends on Monday. Had spaghetti at The Spaghetti Farm before watching Life As We Know It :) The food was not really nice but the movie was awesome!! Holly, Messer and little Sophie make a great family in the movie. Just love seeing them together :D And Josh Duhamel is loveeeeeeeee :P Dinner at some hawker centre in Kepong. I had claypot rice and honey lime drink. Ended up feeling too full :/ Reached my hostel around 10, bathed then went down to celebrate three of my friends birthday. They are November babies :) Ended up getting thrown with cake and flour o.O Initially the target was only the 3 but in the end, nobody was spared including me, who have just bathed -.- Ended up taking my bath all over again -______- It was fun though. I think each of us laughed a lot that night..haha XD

Spent the whole day doing my Morphology and Syntax assignment yesterday. Analysing a language sample is so confusing. There's so many things to consider and look at. Thank God I only am only analysing it in two areas or I will faint :/ Can't believe I actually finished my assignment in a day!!! Wow!! I am so proud of myself..LOL..XD Spending  the whole day doing assignment has its advantage. I learnt that I can do anything if I am willing. I learnt that nothing is impossible if I put my heart on it. I learnt that doing assignment can be a way to help me understand the subject better. Just pass up my assignment a while ago. I don't know whether it is good enough but I sure hope it is. Hope that I will be able to get good marks for it :)

I am finally heading home later. Have not been home for quite some time. I freaking miss everyone and everything back at home!! :D Waiting for daddy to come fetch me :) Then lunch together with daddy :) Wokay, gotta go do some last minute packing. Daddy will be coming anytime soon now!!  Bye!! ^^


Albert said...

Haha just keep on fighting okay :) even though you fail, you gotta rise up even stronger :)

melmonica said...

Should have post up pictures of the food here hehe.

Yay, now your holiday comes. Enjoy!!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

albert : haha..okay..thanks :)

melmonica : lol..yeah..I totally forgot about it that time cz i was too hungry..XD..and yes, my holiday's here!!wheeeee =D

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