Monday, December 6, 2010

A boy named Vincent :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tada!! Presenting my little foster brother, Vincent Chua :)  Got him as my little brother when I went for my university community service camp at Ledang, Johor in September this year =) His grandparents adopted 6 of us altogether for the 3 days 2 night camp and I couldn't have asked for a better foster family :) We are the second batch to go and guess what? I think we are the luckiest batch out of all!! 

Why? We basically expected to pair up with a Malay, adopted by a Malay family and most probably live in kampung houses cause that's what happened when the first batch went. Surprisingly, our batch ended up pairing up with Chinese thanks to the help of the Chinese community there who are willing to adopt each and everyone of us :) What's more surprising? We actually live in a banglo!! o.O And it makes me wonder, am I in a community service camp or what? Cause I seriously felt like I am on a holiday instead LOL

Anyway, back to the topic. I was actually going to blog about Vincent :D Received a small unexpected surprise from him just now. He actually came to chat with me using his aunt's FB account just now!! And he's just 6 years old!!! o.O Kid nowadays are developing faster than we can imagine! I still remember when he looked at my handphone and asked " Why yours no tap-tap one? My uncle one can tap-tap one". Know what that means? Yes, he meant to say why mine is not a touch phone =S And it kinda breaks my heart when he asked me "When are you all coming again?". He misses us and looked forward to see us again so much but we just haven't find a time to go visit him again ="( 

He lives with his grandparents, aunt and uncle since his parents are working so he is basically quite lonely cause he got no one to play with on usual days except his grandparents, aunt and uncle. So can you imagine how excited he was when his grandparents adopted all 6 of us to live with him for 3 days 2 night? Yes, he was super excited and he actually referred us as pretty sisters LOL A boy who suddenly knows 6 girls at once. What can he asked for more?? Haha XD Seriously, he thinks like an adult more like a kid :/

We had our own activities for the camp and our foster dad (Vincent's grandpa) would be the one sending us to and fro from the hall. Vincent, being really excited basically wants to follow us wherever we go. He even woke up really early in the morning to follow us for breakfast!! How cute is that? :D But of course, he can't be there when we are busy sometimes. Our camp goal was actually to provide free services to the society based on our own course. Mine was speech science so we provided oral-motor examination and speech & language screening :)

We usually came back quite late after the activities but dear Vincent don't feel tired at all. When we reached home, he would asked us to play games with him, read him story books..etc =D He really liked us so much :D The departing part was the hardest one. I didn't really realized how much I would really missed them after I got on the bus and my foster family were there, waving goodbye at us ="( It was truly one memorable experience that I will remember forever. Glad to have known and meet them. Would really hope to visit them again some day in the future :)


Shiok Leng said...

Awww what a dear =) He reminds me of my niece... Reading this post made me think about her. Miss her. ;P

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Hehe :)))

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