Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye November, Hello December!! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye November, Hello December!! December, please be kind. Let it be a good month and bring a sweet ending to the year 2010 for all of us :)

Took this picture from the internet. I don't know where this is but I just find the Christmas tree sooo beautiful :D
 Christmas month is finally here...wheeeee!! :D I always love all the Christmas decors at shopping malls during this season especially the Christmas trees :D 

Last year's Christmas was a meaningful one because my sister and I finally got baptized :)

Here's the picture of all 6 of us getting baptized last year with our pastor :) Our hair look so messy cause we just got out from the water LOL

After our baptism, headed down to The Curve to spent my Christmas with my family as well as my relatives. Spent a night at a hotel and had a Christmas dinner at TGIF. That's how I spent my Christmas last year :) Where will it be this year? Probably KL..Still planning though..*excited mode* :D

Okay, so here is how I looked last Christmas. How will I look this time around? I can guarantee it will be different..LOL Was having short hair that time and now my hair is long and straigtened. So, just stay tuned for the reveal lah...hahaha!! XD


On the other note, I know my blog have been lacking of pictures of myself lately...LOL Just don't really camwhore nowadays. Maybe because I am getting fatter during the holidays X_X What happened to my DIET plan? -.-

By the way, watched Rapunzel yesterday. It was good and Rapunzel is sooooo beautiful with her super long hair :)

And here's the song and scene I love the most. The floating lanterns :)

And this one too :) Too bad this song is short :(

kthxbye, that's all for today.

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